A dash of spring

My wish for bright spring colors came true today, at least a little bit. The amazing 50 degree temperature combined with the bright, lingering sun made the city feel like a springtime paradise.  The sidewalks and lakefront were filled with Chicagoans basking in the glory of the weather.
untitled-6The photos below look cold, but the mere fact that I was able to bike on the Lakefront Trail is a sign of the thaw.   Most of the snow has melted, leaving behind mounds of dirt, salt and debris.
I even warmed up enough to remove my scarf, which looked quite lovely on Oma.
untitled-17 untitled-18 untitled-19

Unbelievably, I heard on the evening news that Chicago may get over a foot of snow mid-week.  All the more reason to appreciate days like today, I suppose.

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3 thoughts on “A dash of spring

  1. Steffie F. says:

    Those first few days of spring are pure bliss! Enjoy.

    Aside: thank you for your superblog; I had my first official bike commute today and loved it. :)

  2. Steveyb says:

    Hi Dottie.
    Greetings from Scotland :) Just to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. I thought Scottish winters were bad but compared to what I have seen in your blog Chicago winters look much worse. I’m a Dutch bike convert and regularly commute the 5 miles to my work on my Pashley Roadster Sovereign which I love. Dutch style bikes are somewhat unique in these parts so I tend to get a range of comments from “what’s that !” to “wow I love your bike !” I’ve kept up riding through Winter which has been pretty mild but very wet. But how great is it now Spring has arrived.
    keep on riding, stay safe and enjoy summer when it arrives !
    Best wishes from Scotland.

  3. JennieVew says:

    Вот ее сайт – маг-ольга.рф
    Кинула меня на крупную сумму денег, проклятая аферистка!!!

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