Bike Blogs

Women’s Bike Blogs

A Most Civilized Conveyance
Adventures in Bike Commuting
Basket Case on a Bicycle
Betty Mountain Girl
Bicycle Pirate
Bicyclist Me
Bike By the Sea
Bike Girl
Bike Lite
Bike Zou
Biker Chicks of West Chester
Bikes and the City
Biking in Heels
Brown Girl in the Lane
Car-free with Kids
Change Your Life – Ride a Bike
Charleston Cycle Chic
Chic Cyclist
Chicago Bike Blog
Cycle and Style
Cycle Divas
Cyclin’ Missy
Cycling Is Good For You
Cycling in Heels
Dancing Gypsies
Dykes on Bike-Cycles
Fifty Car Pileup
Fixie Postcard
Four on a Quarter
Frocks on Bikes
Full Hands
Girl Meets Bike
Girls and Bicycles
Green Comotion
green LA girl
I Dream of Bicycling
iva jean rides
L.A. Cycle Chic
Life Without Wheels
Lilia Pilia
London Cycle Chic
London Cycling Diary
Lovely Bicycle
Lovely Velo
MTB Law Girl
My Hyggelig
Pedal and Coast
Pedal Girl
Ride Your Bike
Riding Pretty
Righteous Velo-Metal Broad
Roger and Me
Rothargirl’s Blog
She Loves Bicycles
She Rides a Bike
Stylo Cycle
Suburban Bike Mama
Sweet Georgia Brown
That Which Rolls
Velo Girls Coaching
Velo Baby
Velo Mondial
Velo Vogue
Warsaw Cycle Chic
What I Saw Riding My Bike Around Today
Where do roots belong…

Cycle Chic Blogs

Auckland Cycle Chic
Barcelona Cycle Chic
Belgium Cycle Chic
Copenhagen Cycle Chic
Curitiba Cycle Chic
Estonia Cycle Chic
Hungarian Cycle Chic
L.A. Cycle Chic
Lodz Cycle Chic
London Cycle Chic
Lublin Cycle Chic
Moscow cycle Chic
Sacramento Cycle Chic
Toronto Bike Chic
Torun Cycle Chic
Warsaw Cycle Chic
Wroclaw Bicycle Chic

Other Bike Blogs

10 Speeds
3-Speed Adventure Society
Adventure Cycling
ant bike mike
Antwerp Bike Experiment
Austin on Two Wheels
Bakfiets en meer
Beginning Cycle Commute
Being Totally Sweet in Chicago
Bicycle Design
Bicycle Diaries
Bicycles and Icicles
Bicycle Touring Pro
Bicycling Under the Influence – Chicago
Bike Blog NYC
Bike Commute Tips
Bike Commuters
Bike Date
Bike Geek
Bike Hacks
Bike Hugger
Bike Jax
Bike Minneapolis
Bike Portland
Bike Rumor
Bike Snob NYC

Bikes for the Rest of Us
Bikes Over Cars
Bike Tutor
Biking in L.A.
Biking Toronto
Bohemian Bicycles Blogorama
The Chai Cyclist
Commute by Bike
Cozy Beehive
Cycle Mumbreeze
Cycling Challenge
Cycling Experiences
Cycling Chicken
DFW Point-to-Point
Dave Mouton’s Bike Blog
Demott Cycling Adventure
Derek Goodwin
Do the Right Thing
Drive My Bike
Drunk and in Charge of a Bicycle
Drunk Cyclist
Eco Velo
Electric Bicycle World Tour
Epicurean Cyclist
Fat Cyclist
Green Cycle (Greensboro, NC)
Green Fleet Messengers
Guitar Ted
Hadrian on a Bicycle
Honking in Traffic (Tandem!)
The Hungry Cyclist
i b i k e l o n d o n
Icicle Bicycle
Just a GoaD
Kent’s Bike Blog
La Pierna Negra
Lansing Photo Cyclist
Life with a Trike
Life with Bicycle: A Journal of Life Awheel
Littlehampton Dutch Bike Shop
Living Car-Free in Big D
London Cyclist
A Midnight Rider
Minneapolis Rad
MnBicycle Commuter
Nashville Cyclist
North Baltimore Bike Brigade
Not a Cycling Blog
One Speed
Palm Beach Bike Tours
People Powered
Podium Cafe
Practical Cyclist
Red Hook Tyrant
Ride Boulder Co.
Riding for a Reason
Ride Strong
Saved by Bikes
The Scarlet Manuka
The Sexify Blog in Seoul
Slow Bike Miami
Social Biking Blog
Suburban Assault
Tubes Afloat Over Spokes
The Six Miler
The Jolly Crank
Toronto Bike Chic
Travels with My Mule
Tucson Bike Lawyer
Twin Rivers Cyclists
Uptown Biking Life
Utility Cycling
Two Wheels
Urban Velo
Velo Fellow
Velo Orange Blog
Vie au Velo
View From the Cycle Path
Vote with Your Feet
Wellington Region Cycleways
Wheel Sucking in Miami

World Carfree Network

63 thoughts on “Bike Blogs

  1. velogirl says:

    great list of women’s bike blogs! thanks for compiling it. feel free to add my blog if you’d like.

  2. Our current project is to give any child on Long Island that wants to ride a bike the ability to do so. Our next event is a Therapeutic Bike Day event to evaluate children for specially designed bikes that allow them to be powered either by foot or by hand. Check out our website for more information!

  3. MarkA says:

    Thanks so much for the add! Have put you on my list of links for must-read cycling blogs – we love the link-love Mark

  4. […] is a huge world out there of beautiful women on bicycle blogs. See Dottie’s links page. There’s hours of falling in love with them all fun […]

  5. shelly says:

    Love to womens POV,,COME CHECK OUT THE WOMEN CYCLISTS AT FAMILY CYCLING AT THE Urban Mobility Project Battery Park City NY

    for the bike blog!!

  6. […] your looking for some cool bike blog’s check out this list.  And then when you click on the blog links..keep the blogroll going by clicking on the their […]

  7. Jim Phillips says:

    I am, at 60, getting my first bicycle in Many years. I am ordering a Workcycles Secret Service from Dutch Bikes in Seattle. Conversing with others who love bikes, particular city bikes, seems like fun. But, I am surprised at how many blogs are women’s blogs or cycle chics blogs. Why exclude men?



  8. Ezra says:

    Wow, definitely going to be bookmarking this. What an amazing list of bike blogs.

  9. paul says:

    Nice list, I just started my own bicycle blog about bike innovations. Would you please be so kind to add mij blog to the list. Thanks

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  12. Lyn says:

    I run the website, which has a handy blog for answering questions about cycling in France (plus other random bits and pieces).
    Lyn (female, but the site is for men and women!)

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  14. Bikes24-7 says:

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  16. Bike Girl says:

    Just great! That’s a huge list of bike blogs. I truly like the idea. One place to find so many bike blog addresses.

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  18. Lucy says:

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  21. Capitano says:

    One of the most comprehensive lists I’ve seen, well done. I’d like to add Commuting.Bike – inspiration, gear reviews, blog and forum for bike commuters

  22. monower says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Your experience is so helpful and can be applied to any travel writers no matter what area they are writing about.

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  26. […] Today my job was made that much easier and more enjoyable when I stumbled across Lets go for Ride website – which in their resources page, provides an extensive list of (goodness knows how many!) links to women specific bike blogs. […]

  27. Bullet HD says:

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  32. Labann says:

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    Really, bicycling is only marginally about racing. A billion people on planet participate. Only walking is more prevalent as a form of transportation. Motility is as important as food, shelter and water, and so an inalienable right.

  33. mike says:


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  45. Thanks for compiling this list, going to have to make my way through this. Maybe once my blog is more established I’ll make the cut! 😁

  46. A thoughtful, time-consuming task. Kudos for putting this together. I would be honored to be part of the list in the hope of sharing the culture of two wheel travel. You can find me at

    I look forward to being part of your ride! Continued thanks.

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  48. Shafat says:

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