About Us

About Trisha: Nashvillle, TN

In late April 2008 I dusted off my 18-year-old pink Schwinn and decided to try bicycle commuting. Despite a few pesky hills the 5-mile roundtrip wasn’t much slower than driving, and I gradually built up some stamina (and leg muscles) and started using my bike for more than just getting to work. Since then I’ve lost that bike, gained two others, conquered my fear of riding in the dark and cold and am working on expanding my cycling horizons in the city. My bikes: a 70s Peugeot UO-18 Mixte built up for me by Jon Grinder and a 2008 Batavus Entrada Spirit from Littlehampton Dutch Bike Shop.

Trisha meeting the Batavus in Littlehampton

Trisha meeting the Batavus in Littlehampton

About Dottie: Chicago, IL

I began riding my bike to work shortly after Trisha.  This innocent dabbling turned into a full-blown addiction, as I slowly began replacing all modes of transportation with a bicycle.  Since then, I’ve sold my car, purchased more than one bike, and cycled through my first Chicago winter. My bikes: Azor Oma and Rivendell Betty Foy.

Dottie and Betty Foy

Dottie and Betty Foy

If we can do it, anyone can — as you’ll no doubt realize when you read our posts. We hope this blog will encourage others, especially women to give cycling a shot. You might be surprised by how easily it fits into your life…

Email us at letsgorideabike [dot] wordpress [at] gmail [dot] com  – we love hearing from readers!

160 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello, Trisha and Dottie. I just stumbled upon your blog (via Chicago Bike Blog), and I’m thoroughly enjoying it thus far. I just got back into bicycling myself this past August, and I did so in anticipation of moving and taking a new job this coming summer. I presently work from home. That limits how much I need to commute anywhere, but I go by bike as often as possible when errands come calling, and I ride for fun the rest of the time. Once I move, I’ll be going into the office five-days-a-week, and I plan to do so on my bicycle with religious regularity and zeal. Keep up the good work.

    • editrish says:

      Thanks so much. We’re looking forward to reading about your adventures once you start your new job! If you manage to go five days a week you will have my undying admiration. :) I’ve only managed that a few times in the 10 months I’ve been commuting.

  2. EcoVelo says:

    I was excited to find your blog – nice work! I added you to my blogroll under the “Blogs” heading (imagine that ;-)), and I’ll be subscribing to your RSS feed as well.

    Thanks for doing what you do..

    Alan @ EcoVelo

  3. tsalyards says:

    Hi, Dottie.

    You’ve inspired me to start a blog of my own. You can find the first two posts here:



  4. susan says:

    Hi Girls,

    Love love love the fact that your both getting into riding it is just so much fun and people never realise how easy it is to ride to work!

    And even tradtional cycling clothing can have a bit of style, I handmake cycling caps and love the way they go with heaps of other outfits (and cover up bad hair days)


    Keep riding and blogging!

  5. editrish says:

    Thanks, Susan! Your caps are too cute.

  6. the village scribe says:

    Friends, it seems wicked tacky to do this via your “comments” area, but I don’t know how to contact you directly. Google hijacked my blog, and I’ve grown tired of waiting on them to release it. I’ve started over at “Hadrian on a Bicycle” (http://velofolk.wordpress.com/). I would be forever grateful if you’d update your blog roll (and politely ignore that I’ll be circulating this same message among the other three or four bloggers who have been kind enough to link to me). Cheers!

  7. msdottie says:

    Scribe, not tacky at all. I was wondering what happened to your blog. Good to see you’re still out there – welcome to WordPress!

  8. matt says:

    ya’ll need a “contact us” button. hopefully this comment will do the job. this is mainly intended for trisha -we have a google group for Nashville’s Urban Cyclist. http://groups.google.com/group/nashville-urban-bicycle-league?hl=en&pli=1
    you can sign up from the home page or shoot me your email and i will send you an invite. we organize lots of events from longer group rides, shorter party rides, alley cat races and the group is also a good way to contact other cyclist who commute for advice or venting. check us out. we have an event this saturday afternoon at 5pm at the springwater.

  9. Ladies – just found your blog. Look forward to following – keep it up and ride on!

  10. I love your site. Keep it up !

  11. Doohickie says:

    Yet another devotee joins the fan club. I’ve linked your blog to my Cycle Commuting blog.

  12. Trisha says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. Doohickie, I look forward to checking out your blog!

  13. Doohickie says:

    After reading your intro, Trisha, I have to say, you sound a lot like me. In February last year I got my trusty Nishiki Olympic 12 (that I bought new in 1984) off the hooks in the garage and started riding to work.

    I almost lost more than my bike though, the second time riding to work… read more here at my other blog.

  14. James says:

    Hi Ladies,
    I found your blog on bikecommutes.com. I read that website at least twice a week. I commute myself to & from work. I have a 34 mile round trip commute. I’ve noticed that the day goes by faster when I do commute & it’s more enjoyable too. I applaud both of you for doing it with such style & panache. I look foward to following your adventures.

  15. Trisha says:

    Thanks, James! I’m always impressed by commuters like you who take 34 mile roundtrips in stride.

  16. […] two authors of this blog, Trisha of Nashville, Tennessee & Dottie of Chicago, Illinois, have captures the essence of  cycling with their enthusiasm, writing, and pictures. Dottie has […]

  17. jalexartis says:

    Love your blog. You “guys” have very interesting information, presented in a way to bring your readers back, time and time again. Thanks for sharing. –jim

  18. Philip says:

    I thought your blog was fresh and sassy and i am jealous….however i will promise just to look on in admiration from England and not copy………keep up the quality

  19. lindsey k says:

    i love your blog! you guys are troopers – i started biking for the first time since childhood in fall of ’08 and i’m trying to make it part of my every-day, not just once every few days. your posts really encourage me to keep going! still on the quest for the perfect commuter bike on a budget…

    • Trisha says:

      Commuter bike on a budget is so tough. We will do a post about this one day — but you might check out Jamis. Dottie started out with a Jamis Commuter, and it worked for her. :)

  20. One Lung Beat says:

    You ladies made the top 50. Nice work


  21. rothargirl says:

    Hey! Just stumbled upon your blog – really love what you are doing. I gave up smoking there 2 years ago, started cycling and now am hooked! I just started my own cycling blog if you want to have a looksee (. Have put you on my blogroll if that is cool.) Thanks RG (http://rothargirl.wordpress.com/)

  22. Jeff Schneider says:

    Hi Ladies,

    After enjoying your blog for quite some time, it was really nice to meet you both this week at the ATA mixer and the Summer Babes ride…

    I have a little biking blog also…mostly about what I see on my daily rides from Uptown to…wherever.


  23. Laurie says:

    You girls are totally awesome! Yay for you!

  24. April says:

    I am torn between the Azor Oma and the Pashley Poppy…I will be using it for short (1-10 mile) jaunts instead of driving…grocery shopping, errands and such. What are your thought on which would be the better bike.. I am 5’7″ and 150 pounds.

    • dottie says:

      Hi April. The main differences are the price (Oma is about $900 more), gears (Poppy has 3, Oma has 8), carrying capacity (Oma can carry heavier loads), weight (Oma weighs more), extras (Oma has skirt guard, fully enclosed chain case, integrated lights). If you can, you should test ride both and see which suits your fancy. I considered the Pashley when bike shopping and chose the Oma instead, so my natural inclination is toward the Oma. I love the Pashley, too, though!

  25. Just added your blog to my blogroll at http://practicalcyclist.blogspot.com. Take a look at A Practical Cyclist and if you like what you see, consider reciprocating. Have a great ride today!

  26. Amy says:

    Hi Ladies:
    I just discovered your blog and it’s so inspiring! Seeing what you have both been able to do has made me want to give up the el and start biking more often. I am a fellow Chicagoan and my boyfriend has been an avid biker for years. I just bought the Gary Fisher Simple City 3 which I absolutely love, but I’ve only been riding on smaller side streets around our neighborhood. I was hoping you could offer some advice on how you started riding on bigger streets around the city. I have to admit, I’m a bit scared of all the horror stories and oblivious drivers. We live in Wicker Park so I would have to find some major street just to get to the lakefront. How did you both start riding on bigger streets? Can you recommend any resources to learn how to ride more safely? Again, I’m really enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work!

    • dottie says:

      Amy, thanks so much for your comment. We love to hear stuff like that! Your question is an important one: Trish and I will put our heads together and come up with something good later this week.

      Love your blog! Your bullies are adorable.

  27. Doohickie says:

    Hello, ladies.

    I just thought I would mention that I started a new blog, The Mixte Gallery, and as a blog just starting out, I need some help. Perhaps Le Peug is ready for a sexy photo shoot? Maybe Betty Foy could use more exposure? And if you can pass the word to other mixte aficionados, I would appreciate it!

  28. Marc says:

    A Toronto leisure cyclist returned to her locked bike that she had been ticketed…for having a “badass” bike. If only all tickets were like this…


  29. chibikegal says:

    after stumbling onto your lovely blog, I was motivated to re-start my search for a beautiful bike. currently trying to see if I can get a small Azor Secret Service ladies model across the atlantic and into my hands. it is reportedly smaller/lighter than Oma … the better for navigating crazy chicago streets and stairways I am thinking? we’ll see how it goes. thanks for the inspiration!


    • Trisha says:

      I’m living proof that importing bikes can be a successful strategy! Keep us posted.

      • chibikegal says:

        OK gals, could not get a SS in until next spring, and well, the Oma sang to me, she is now mine. today we went to the beach, the market, the gym, the loop, …though having been born in New Amsterdam, not old, I continue to wobble a bit starting up. and I must add, since my back is a bit older and creakier than it once was, the Oma’s super straight up seat position is so, so excellent and un-painful.

  30. Greg says:

    Great blog! My girlfriend will love reading about this. Her biggest requirement when looking for a bike was for it to be “cute”

    Couple of other things. In the resources page, you might want to add mapmyride (dot) com to the links. It’s a great site for figuring out a bike route.

    Also I was wondering if you would mind adding my blog to your bike blogs (linked to my name in this comment). It’s based around riding for charity and logging miles for a good cause.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    • Trisha says:

      Hi Greg,

      Great suggestions, thanks. I use MapMyRide a good bit and didn’t even realize we hadn’t linked to it. Your blog has been added; looks like a fun read.

  31. Frits B says:

    Is this an idea to make Oma and Batavus even more recognizable: http://www.bikecap.nl?

  32. Your blog is wonderful and inspirational for anyone who wants to ride a bike as daily transportation.

    I’m trying to build my confidence up on a bicycle (for riding around Paris) and I was wondering if those little learner wheels exist for adults and can be adapted onto a city bike.

    Thanks ;)

  33. Trisha says:

    De rien! I often dream about a vie Parisienne so we’re even in the inspiration department. Good luck getting started with city cycling! Dottie and I plan to visit Paris next spring; maybe by then you will be ready to show us around by bike. ;)

  34. You have my email, let me know when you’re coming! And if you come across the small trainer wheels for adults, let me know ;)

  35. velogirl says:

    I’m considering trading my Rivendell Atlantis for a Betty Foy. How do you like it?

    • dottie says:

      Howdy. I love my Betty Foy! I don’t have much to compare it to, as my most similar previous bike was a Jamis Commuter, which is much lower end and correspondingly much less expensive. That said, the Betty Foy is everything I hoped she’d be and more :) Feel free to email with further questions. letsgorideabike [dot] wordpress [at] gmail [dot] com.

    • Cathy says:

      Hi Velogirl,
      I saw your post about your Atlantis. I had an Atlantis (bought one from the first shipment) and I rode thousands of miles on it. I absolutely adored it! A few years back I was hit by a truck as I was commuting on it, and wrecked the frame. I tried a few different bikes after that and finally ended up buying a Rivendell Glorius. I absolutely love it! It is not as fast as my Atlantis but it is unbelievably comfortable! I rode a Betty Foy when I had the good fortune to visit Rivendell World Headquarters a few years back and I loved that too. If I had a spare 2K laying around (haha) I’d buy a Betty Foy too, just because they’re so great! My husband got an Yves Gomez in 8/09 based on my recommendation and he loves it. Note: my husband is 55 y.o. and I am 48 y.o. We both were hardcore bike racers years ago and have mellowed quite a bit!

  36. nelson says:

    Just stumbled across the site and I love it. It has been rainy here (Spearfish, SD) and I have been riding and people look at me like I’m crazy. I liked the blog about October riding and rain. I ride 7 days a week and wouldn’t have it any other way. Pedal power!

  37. Was googlin’ girls who ride cruiser bikes and landed on your page. Love. love. love it. Just got back from Interbike in Vegas and lovin’ the new Batavus line – very sweet indeed. If you are looking for some adornments for your cruiser bike – check out my website http://www.beatriceholiday.com – I make Handlebar Bags, Seat Cover and Basket Liners made out of vintage upholstery fabric and vinyl materials. WHEEL CUTE COUTURE. They are really FUNky and FUNctional! “Cruise the Streets in Style” -Beatrice Holiday

  38. Patty Huber says:

    I thought I was hard core! I will absolutely be following this blog. I live in Chicago and started out bike commuting from scratch with a beach cruiser and then upgraded to a trek hybrid. I’m suprised to see you riding on a cruiser, it is so much slower! You are both an inspiration!

  39. Joaquin C. says:

    By some sort of providence I found your site and was left somewhat breathless as I was profoundly impressed with your impeccable style and sense of sophistication for something most people don’t see as sophisticated. Love your bikes and of course both of you are absolutely beautiful. Cheers!


  40. MarkA says:

    Ladies, you ride your bikes with STYLE – not only do you look like you are probably having heaps of fun but in doing so you’re encouraging other women to get on their bikes too – this is such a good thing.

    Have added you to my blog links at http://www.ibikelondon.blogspot.com and will be coming back to check your latest fashions soon (check out my post “It’s all about the cycle chic, baby” for a fabulous photo of our Olympic cyclist Viccie Pendleton looking graceful besides her Pashley)

    Great work, keep it up!


  41. Jenn says:

    Going to get started today! I use to ride my bike everywhere! Been a stay at home Mom for 11 yrs…now have afternoons free, go’n biking in the sunshine!

  42. Val says:

    Just curious – are you aware of this: http://www.candycranks.com/archives/4034 or, for that matter, this: http://www.candycranks.com/ in general? Seems like there is potential for some crossover rides – formal cupcakes and cocktails, anyone?

  43. Laura says:

    I’ve loved reading your blog ever since I gave up my car and started riding my bike to commute to work. My workplace is dog-friendly and I got a new 40 lb. pooch last week. I want to know about others experiences using a dog trailer. Do you or any of your fellow bikers have any experience with this? I series on riding w/ dogs would be great! (Could touch on using baskets, bike leashes, trailers.) Thanks!

  44. Margeli says:

    Hi Girls

    Your blog is amazing.Since that I initiated the reform of my bicycle I adore to visit this site. I wait to soon finish the restoration of my bicycle to be able to leave the car in the garage.
    Here in Brazil the majority of the people has bicycles type mountain bike. Here feminine bicycles are half old-fashioned. I am not of the type that use clothes of lycra and helmets, taste to move me, only to take a walk. Seeing its blog I was with will to remodel mine bike that I gained when child (a Monark Ipanema). Now it this dismounted and each part in a different store of the city, being chromed, painted and waits that in the end she is cool. When ready sending photo.
    It has an item that it would like to place in the bicycle that is not available in Brazil, the basket. I would love put one but no site sends for Brazil.
    I already bought many things for the Internet, I found stranger not to find a site of bicycles that he sends for Brazil. I wanted to know if some dispoem sends it me a part to complete the appearance of my bicycle. Case somebody has availability can order an email to make right the value. Good I say farewell myself here, congratulations for blog


  45. Kenan Alpogan says:

    Hi friends…

    How are you? Thanks for your comments..I want to ride a bike..But ways are very bad here..

    Please help me..Contact with me…How can I ride a bike truely in Tel Aviv?

  46. Margeli says:

    I obtained the basket. A friend make a doutoral thesis in Minessota goes to send me. Its goes to arrive at Brazil, more expensive, but patience, valley the penalty!

  47. Dear Dottie and Trisha, it is great to see you riding these beautiful bikes and thus encouraging other women to get onto bicycles. We are trying to encourage young women in the U.K. to use their bikes in a gentle everyday way. See more at http://www.bikebeauty.org
    You two know about us already, but others should have a look as well!
    Our main aim is to convince transport politicians to change the infrastructure, so it is convenient for cyclists to get as fast and easily as possible from A to B. Male racing cyclists tend to forget, that many people do not like to mix with cars on busy roads. And that is why we fight for space on these roads, dedicated to cyclists. Car drivers do not need all that space that they are given in many towns and cities. And there is also the issue of climate change!!!

  48. Kyle says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I posted your dressing for winter video on Sierra Club’s Climate Crossroads site. Thanks!


  49. Hi Dottie,

    I just watched your video about winter dressing, which led me to your site here. Nice stuff. Keep it up.

    I’ve biked through the last 15 or so winters. Wisconsin, Maryland, and now Northfield MN.

    You seem to dress about the same as me, except for the thick mittens, and the skirt (i’m a guy). although I completely change my clothes when I get to work. I find myself to be a fairly warm person while biking, as you must be since you’re only wearing 2 pairs of tights. when it gets down below 0F, I’ll often use 3 pairs, Pace brand (and I always put shorts over the top since i’m shy). As far as gloves go, I highly recommend Pearl Izumi gloves. The “pittards” are good down to 15F for me; their amfibs are good below that, and they’re roomy enough that I can add a polypropylene liner to beef them up, when it’s below negative ten F.I have tried Lake gloves, 2 different “weights”. Neither worked well for me, my fingers get cold …and they’re reallly thick gloves.

    What about your face? do you just pull the scarf up? I use a neoprene mask, it stays in place well, especially with help from the chin straps from my helmet. Although, it doesn’t look as friendly as your scarf, more urban assaulty.

    ride on!

  50. Sarah says:


    Just wanted to give you a heads-up on an exciting new biking article in Sierra Magazine.

    Although mostly known as a hiking club, we are also tackling some of the most important environmental issues we face – including cleaning up transportation, one of the main sources of climate change pollution.

    In our current issue (March/April) of our Magazine, we feature a compelling story about innovative cycling infrastructure. This story is a must-read for committed bikers looking for ways to make their communities more livable and sustainable. And it will be read by hundred of thousands of non-cyclists who will learn just how important cycling is in the battle against climate change.

    Here’s a link to the article: http://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/201003/nocar.aspx

    Would you be interested in writing about this story?


    Sierra Club Media Assistant
    85 Second Street, Second Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94105

  51. […] One of the blogs I read is called Lets Go Ride a Bike.  The blog is published by two women in two different cities – Chicago and Nashville.  LGRAB is a great blog to learn about city […]

  52. lunaculun says:

    Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.


  53. Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well. Thanks

  54. Paul says:

    Just found your blog, it looks great. Can’t wait to keep calling back and contributing.

  55. Batya says:

    We are organizing a scenic bicycle ride in Israel for the benefit of child trauma victims. Bikers from around the world are invited to join. Info can be found at http://www.traumaweb.org. Thank you!

  56. […] enjoying reading about Dottie and Trisha’s bike commuting adventures, especially since their start-up stories make me feel like I can do this […]

  57. […] crushed this week.  You think Wisconsin/Illinois winters are too cold swap four wheels for two? Dottie, a Chicago based lawyer at Let’s Go Ride a Bike proves us wrong.  Take a look here at how […]

  58. I love your Bicycle, it looks really comfy, and makes we want to get out on mine asap, not easy with this horrible wintery weather, Roll on spring, good time to look forward too, Keep posting, your a great and inspiring read.

  59. Great post again, I’ve now added you to my blogroll and will be back again for more, keep them coming x

  60. Get out and cycle …. we love to cycle and add in a great culture adventure for a holiday with friends. Consider this September coming with us to Northern Brittany France for 5 days/ 4 nights as we cycle through the romantic French Countryside. $1250 pp double occupancy.

  61. la veloz says:

    In Madrid, “bike-life” grows!!!!! A couple months ago I started a blog dedicated to the new cyyclistcult that you can see on the streets. A nice blog chicas!!! Felicidades!!

  62. Andy Freeman says:

    Please delete the comment after u saw it.Thanks

  63. Emily says:

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  64. Do you have a personal email that you can be reached at?

  65. Cheryl Clarke says:

    What a find… love your site and am very jealous about all the pics of gorgeous bikes. It’s enough to make anyone want to pack in the crammed buses/metro get in to the open air and commute! Anyway enough about me! I was wondering if you would like to discuss a partnership opportunity. I am contacting you on behalf of the hostelbookers blog. http://blog.hostelbookers.com/

    Get in touch if you want to chat more :)

  66. Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well. Thanks

  67. ysc says:

    Picture of winter chicago is so beautiful

  68. Belinda says:

    Hi ladies, just wanted to share some Australian bicycle culture with you x

  69. […] the web last weekend I ran across a post on “Let’s Go Ride A Bike” about new protected bike lanes in Chicago.  Many thanks to Dottie for letting me repost her […]

  70. Claire says:

    Hi ladies! I love this site and I’m wondering if I could ask for your assistance in choosing between 2 bikes. I’m looking for a basic beach cruiser as I live in Venice and so the 3 speeds is all I need on the beach. I got the Missoni 3 speed bike (black and white) but I am contemplating returning it and getting the Linus Dutchi 3. When I compared them they seemed to be pretty similar as far as construction and gear (both are steel and Shimano Nexus), but the Missoni bike is $400 and the Linus is $600. Any thoughts?

    • LGRAB says:

      I don’t know anything about the Missoni, but a know quite a few women who own and love the Linus Dutchie. Is there something you don’t like about your experience with the Missoni?

  71. Puck says:

    Hi Dottie! I just got a Workcycles Azor Oma and I was looking for some some tips on the Brooks saddle. My LBS is not very helpful… there are no utility-Dutch type bikes that I’ve seen in the Dallas area and they tend to try and get me to buy riding computers instead of answering my actual questions when I go in. The bike groups in my area (even the so called leisure “Ladies Ride”) are all about going fast, fast, fast (compared to the leisurely pace I like to take!) and so it’s hard to ask them about bikes that aren’t made for that. (Kind of makes me sad I have no one to ride my Oma with.) Everyone talks about “breaking in” the Brooks saddle, but I don’t know exactly how to do about that or how I’ll be able to tell when it’s broken in… (I know that sounds REALLY silly, not knowing when it’s broken in, but I had to order my Oma from SanFran and did all the adjustments and stuff myself with no one to ask questions so silly questions abound.) I bought some Proofhide–should I just apply it like I apply saddle soap? And how often? Also how much should I tip the nose up? I know you had a blog article about that and wondered if you still ride with it tipped up like that? I have been sliding down every time I ride and think it might need to be adjusted. Anyhoo, thanks for helping to hook me up with my Oma–adjustments difficulties aside, I love it a thousand times more than I ever loved my road bike.

    • LGRAB says:

      Yes, I still ride with the saddle tipped up quite a bit. That will stop you from sliding down. I recommend that you experiment with the angle that feels most comfortable. I’ve used proofhide only once, rubbed it on the top and bottom and let it dry. The saddle only took a couple of weeks to break in, which happened simply by me riding the bike. Enjoy!

  72. mike r says:

    great site i just got a schwinn typhoon haveing a good time.

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  74. Teresa says:

    Hi Dottie & Trisha! Don’t know if you guys could help, but I would really like to test ride a Betty Foy in my area. I live in New York (close to NYC), and there are no Rivendell retailers here. I was wondering if any of your New York readers who own a Betty Foy would kindly let me test ride or at least see this lovely bicycle in person. Maybe there’s a message board I could post a request on? It would really save me the trip of boarding two separate trains to Massachusetts. Thank you so much!

    – T

    PS: Does the Betty handle well in the winter and in hilly terrain? I am looking for a bike that will safely take me over potholes and will tackle hills with somewhat ease. I’ve got some monster hills in my town to tackle!

  75. Blueberry says:

    I used to ride a bike when I was little for many years. I got married, had two children and the youngest one was born with a heart condition. Nevertheless, they both learned how to ride. My youngest son passed in November of 1993. I felt like the atomic bomb landed on my head. I was so broken hearted, I started smoking and a couple of months later realized it was making me very sick. I thought of a plan. I said to myself, I will quit smoking (cold turkey) and instead of spending in cigarettes I will buy myself a bicycle. In 1994, I bought my first bicycle in “The bay”. started riding just in my neighborhood. In 1995, I moved to Montreal and discovered the joy of riding once again. My rides became longer and longer. In 1996, I decided I would not stop riding just because winter had arrived. Since then, I haven’t looked back and I have seen most of the province of Quebec, Ontario, P.E.I, parts of France, New York and Santiago,Chile. I recently celebrated my 49th birthday and I’m still riding, you know something? Biking saved my life.

  76. It’s very nice to find your initiative. I also got rid of my car around the same time as you in favour of my bicycle. Simply because it made more sense to ride my bicycle all the time as maintenance is a lot cheaper. And most of the times as fast on short rides. Of course being Dutch I have been riding bicycles a lot longer then I have been riding a cars. Also doing a lot of cycling trips in the past and present. And switching fully to bicycle isn’t perceived as odd here as it perhaps is in the USA I guess. (Mind you I don’t life in big city, so almost every owns a car here). But I really like to support your initiative to get people ride bicycles more often especially in a car country like the USA. And I like your upbeat way of promoting. And you know what; seeing this site and your video’s even helps to give courage to an avid cyclist from the Netherlands. Because in a season like this laziness to dress for cold rain sometimes makes me choose public transport. Which isn’t even faster in my area then cycling. But if somebody in Chicago can do it all year round, so can I! :-D

    Ladies don’t worry how you look on a bicycle, if you cycle fast enough nobody can notice how you look! And take it from a Dutch guy, a lady on a bicycle is very attractive and elegant.

  77. Billy Ong says:

    Hello there.
    Lovely photos of bicycles and ladies. I have been looking for ideas to customised a bicycle for my girlfriend(as a Christmas gift) and some of the articles have given some useful ideas.


  78. Anonymous says:

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  80. Ricco says:

    I like everything you post about your lovely bicycle and, of course, yourself. You are so cute and it’s nice to see you. Happiness is the word to describe the image I have when I see you with a bike. I’ll continue to read and see everything you’ll put on web. xxx sincerily Ricco

  81. Ricco says:

    I like everything you post about your lovely bicycle and, of course, yourself. You are so cute and it’s nice to see you. Happiness is the word to describe the image I have when I see you with a bike. I’ll continue to read and see everything you’ll put on web. xxx sincerily Ricco

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  83. […] for inspiration around you. When I don’t want to get on my bike on a cold day, I visit Let’s Go Ride a Bike. These lovely ladies bike year round and they live in Chicago! Burrr.Remember, do your research, […]

  84. […] Be The first to submit a review of this bike.Product Details: * Bike Dimensions: 69'' L x 25'' W x 43'' H / Weighs: 36 lbs. * Lightweight Aluminu…tures: […]

  85. Maria G S says:

    Trisha and Dottie– I’m a new fan from Los Angeles, CA. Great work on this blog. Inspiring!

  86. Maria Sipin says:

    Trisha and Dottie– I’m a new fan from Los Angeles, CA. Great work on this blog. Inspiring!

  87. David, malta says:

    hi, i m david from malta, i started cycling about 8 years ago, i havn t sold my car (yet). i have 4 bike at the moment, a cube hybrid, a giant expressions city bike, a giant mtb and a 1982 nishiki landau. as you said , it has become an addiction. here in mala the weather is not that bad, it does nt snow, we have hills and wind though…anyway nice work

    david axiaq

  88. David, malta says:

    hi, i m david from malta, i started cycling about 8 years ago, i havn t sold my car (yet). i have 4 bike at the moment, a cube hybrid, a giant expressions city bike, a giant mtb and a 1982 nishiki landau. as you said , it has become an addiction. here in mala the weather is not that bad, it does nt snow, we have hills and wind though…anyway nice work

    david axiaq

  89. Jalexartis says:

    Love the look of this blog!!!

    James [Cycling Experiences].

  90. Jalexartis says:

    Love the look of this blog!!!

    James [Cycling Experiences].

  91. Alex says:

    Hi ladies! We are the small bike community from Russia. It’s really pleasant to read your blog. Keep going and all the best!

  92. Alex says:

    Hi ladies! We are the small bike community from Russia. It’s really pleasant to read your blog. Keep going and all the best!

  93. Kimberly says:

    We sold our second car and I use my bike exclusively to commute to work…not too far (6 kms round trip daily) along Lake Ontario. I ride my bike all year round…in the rain, wind, and yes the snow.  My bike (the tank) is ‘pimped up’ with a basket up front (to keep valuables in sight) and another basket over the rear wheel for large items (including 30 pounds of groceries).  Some people think I am ‘crazy’ riding in freezing temps (like -20 C…now that’s cold) but seriously once I get going, the heat is on!!  With the right gear, it’s not a problem. I can’t imagine life without my bike…it feels so good being able to integrate this form of exercise into my daily routine.

  94. Kimberly says:

    We sold our second car and I use my bike exclusively to commute to work…not too far (6 kms round trip daily) along Lake Ontario. I ride my bike all year round…in the rain, wind, and yes the snow.  My bike (the tank) is ‘pimped up’ with a basket up front (to keep valuables in sight) and another basket over the rear wheel for large items (including 30 pounds of groceries).  Some people think I am ‘crazy’ riding in freezing temps (like -20 C…now that’s cold) but seriously once I get going, the heat is on!!  With the right gear, it’s not a problem. I can’t imagine life without my bike…it feels so good being able to integrate this form of exercise into my daily routine.

  95. Astra says:

    I was wondering if you two could offer any advice as far as buying a new commuter bike. My husband and I will be going back to school this fall and we’ve decided to forgo buying a car and instead purchase two bikes which we’ll use to commute Monday through Friday. Initially we were thinking about going with electric bikes because the commute is very hilly and mountanious (but on paved roads), but after reading your blog and some others the idea of riding a regular bicycle has me interested. I don’t really know where to start though…

    Anyway, love your blog!

  96. Astra says:

    I was wondering if you two could offer any advice as far as buying a new commuter bike. My husband and I will be going back to school this fall and we’ve decided to forgo buying a car and instead purchase two bikes which we’ll use to commute Monday through Friday. Initially we were thinking about going with electric bikes because the commute is very hilly and mountanious (but on paved roads), but after reading your blog and some others the idea of riding a regular bicycle has me interested. I don’t really know where to start though…

    Anyway, love your blog!

  97. Rosa says:

    Hi, could you please give me your email? I would like to ask you your permision to take some pictures from your web. I really think all them are so beautiful. Thanks a lot! comotas23@hotmail.com

  98. […] it’s ever expanding! Jenny and I got to meet Trisha (of Let’s Go Ride a Bike fame) for beers after the ride. We talked bikes, the South, infrastructure, changes in our respective […]

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  100. I used to have a Schwinn bike, a very pretty blue one. For a while I felt quite chic riding it and putting my shopping in the basket but after a while I realized that I didn’t find it very comfortable and couldn’t get up any speed. I somehow felt like a little old lady riding it. So I sold it and bought a 21-speed that goes like the wind. I feel young and strong when I ride it.

  101. combinations of clothes and the bike is perfect, I see no influence in cycling, I would suggest to my wife when Bali cycling tour

    • dottie says:


      On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 8:07 AM, Let’s Go Ride a Bike wrote:

      > ** > bali bike tour commented: “combinations of clothes and the bike is > perfect, I see no influence in cycling, I would suggest to my wife when > Bali cycling tour”

  102. Christina says:

    Hi, I have a silly question Dottie… Do you by chance know where you got the butterfly ribbon that use to be on Betty’s basket? ;)

    • LGRAB says:

      Hi Christina – I do! :) I bought the butterfly ribbon at Menards, the hardware store. I found it in their surprisingly extensive ribbon section during Christmas.

      • Christina says:

        Thank you so much! I’m in love with that ribbon but sadly can’t find it anywhere. Alas, you did get it like 3(?) years ago. Thanks anyway, I will not give up looking. ;)

  103. Elizabeth Van Vactor says:

    Hi Dottie! Could you please tell me where you are in your post from July 6, 2010. There’s a beautiful stone gate opening into the lake and I’d love to know where you are. My fiance and I are planning a very small wedding, and we are looking for a local spot to do our quick vow ceremony. We’re having a heck of a time, so I’d love to hear about this little gem!

    • LGRAB says:

      Hi Elizabeth, congrats to you and your fiance! That location is off the Lakefront Trail right next to the lake. If you go north past Addison, past the totem and the butterfly sanctuary but before the golf course, you’ll come to a baseball field (I think) and a beautiful red brick field house. The stone wall/gate is behind the field house. It’s a very quiet area for being on the north side trail. I hope that makes sense! If you need more specifics, let me know.

  104. Janel says:

    Hi Trisha and Dottie! I’ve been thinking that I want to get comfortable with riding a bike again. More than “thinking” actually, I’ve been having a strong urge and a feeling of nudging me in the direction to do so! I’m 55 and hadn’t been on a bicycle in about 40 years and did get back on one a few weeks ago. The balance part of it didn’t come back as easily as I’d hoped. :-) I was thinking about this desire to ride again and just found your site through a random search. So happy to have found you. I love the photos of you two above! Wonderful idea for a site! I’ll be back.


  105. Myra Hill says:

    I am going to read this more because I love cycling too.

  106. e says:

    Hello, I would love some advice on a bike. I have read your blog and it would be helpful if I could describe what I need and see if you have experienced a bike that would measure up. Is there a way to email you?

  107. truk says:

    I commute on my bike daily, sometimes twenty miles or more depending on where I go or what I need to do. I would like to share my interesting commute with everyone. About a year and a half ago, I got fed up with living in Phoenix, the heat ,and the big city. I just left one day without a clue where I was going and let fate decide. I wound up in Nogales, Arizona about three hours south of Phoenix. With little money I decided to sell my truck and bought a bike. I moved to Mexico because the rent was cheap (120.00 for a 2 bedroom house), about 2 kilometers from the border and I have been here ever since. I commute everyday across the International Border between Mexico and the U.S., saving hours waiting in the long line. On a bike I am allowed go straight to the front, bypassing all of the vehicles. I cannot tell you how liberating it is to be rid of gas, insurance, maintenance costs and all of the other pitfalls of driving a car. I now own a small bike shop in Nogales Sonora MX., and I am happier and healthier than I have been in a long time.

  108. Michaelcine says:

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  116. Les Crook says:

    Hello ladies,

    I’ve been a committed bicycle commuter for a number of years. I ride all year round and, like Dottie, don’t own a car. My wife is a bit less keen and is a bit of a fair weather bicyclist. Last year out of the blue she said, “could I get a folding bike so we can travel by train and get away a bit more?” One pink Brompton later she rides much more frequently and is loving it.

    I will be pointing her to your blog.


    Les Crook Stafford UK.

  117. Liz says:


    I would love to speak with you regarding your cycling workout and the bike you currently use. I look forward to hearing from you!


  118. Jarvi says:

    I love your blog — For some reason, most of the photos in posts older than a couple of months old are not available (clicking on the space where the photo should be leads to a 404 not found page). Do you know why? I hope to be able to read and view the rest at some point. Thanks!

  119. Ronnie says:

    I have missed your blog. I hope nothing is wrong.

  120. Tony says:

    Hi did you ever test ride the Work Cycles fr8??

  121. Johan says:

    Yes, I’m also curiously awaiting the fr8 review!

  122. carols says:

    Hello, Trisha and Dottie. I’d like to express my infinite gratitude to both of you.

  123. Enjoy dressed for the destination not the journey while cycling:

    (Annual King’s Day in The Netherlands; notice the bicycle friendly infrastructure!)

  124. Simon says:

    Hi, I’ve seen your beautiful bike pics series and they are really nice indeed!
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    Keep up the good work! :)

  125. Jerry Tumbler says:

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  128. Jerry Tumbler says:

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  129. Jerry Tumbler says:

    Bestseller 2017 so far: the Batavus Old Dutch “granny-bike”:

  130. Jerry Tumbler says:

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  132. Rob UK says:

    I’ve never left a message or been in contact before but I’m so pleased and reassured to see your website is up and running again, we have all missed you girls so much! I hope you are both keeping well. Looking forward to reading about your latest bicycle adventures and reviews as well as enjoying your previous posts.
    Kindest regards,

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