Summer Rain

I was rained on during my bike commute today, and I did not mind at all.

Heading home, I took a different route than usual and soon happened upon a garden.  I pulled over to walk the paths and enjoy the thousands of roses.  As I said goodbye to the flowers and set out toward the lakefront trail for my 7-mile ride home, rain started falling.  I briefly considered ducking into a cafe, but the heady smell of fresh summer rain urged me on.  While tourists and beach-goers hustled for cover, I cycled on with a smile.

The shower was short-lived and by the time I got home, my light summer dress had completely dried.  No rain gear necessary.

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4 thoughts on “Summer Rain

  1. A cooling summer rain makes for a great bike ride. The constant showers that we’ve been having of late does not. And silly me wore mascara the other day, just to have it dribble down my face after a very rainy ride. Not a great way to show up to a meeting.

  2. Sara Struckman says:

    I definitely prefer to be soaked by rain rather than sweat, which is how my recent commutes have been going. Lovely pictures and a lovely post!

  3. Shawn W. says:

    Beautiful post. There is something almost romantic about being caught off guard in the rain – even when it’s just you and your bike (although my husband swears I’m having a love affair with my bike :-) Waterproof mascara certainly helps too.

  4. Bobbin and Sprocket says:

    I LOVE getting caught in the rain during the summer! Especially after a long hot day. I like to take my shoes off and ride barefoot and go fast through puddles. :D

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