Indy’s Impressive Protected Bike Infrastructure

On LGRAB’s Facebook page, I shared a photo of the recently-completed separated bike lane on Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago’s busiest bikeway.

I’ll write more about this new infrastructure after I bike it myself next week.

In response, Facebook Friend Matt shared an article about the separated bike infrastructure in Indianapolis, Indiana, via an article from Treehugger, The biggest bicycling infrastructure achievement in North America that you’ve never heard about.

Trisha biked around Indy four years ago and was impressed with the trails and bike lanes, so I knew that the city has some bike infrastructure, but I had no idea it was so sophisticated and extensive.  After watching the video below by Streetsfilm and reading more about the infrastructure in their article, The Next-Gen in U.S. Protected Bike Lanes, I am in awe of what the city has accomplished.

Other mid-size cities should try to replicate this type of project, which must be great for quality of life, health and tourism.  I know that Indy is now on my list of places to visit.

I’m curious: do any of you live in Indy?  If so, are these protected paths useful for biking to work and errands – that is, actually getting around the city?

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5 thoughts on “Indy’s Impressive Protected Bike Infrastructure

  1. Richard W says:

    I live in Indy :) Cultural Trail is great for those looking to get around downtown, and does connect commuter trails/bike lanes that come into downtown with each other. the CT is a multi use trail, with lots of street crossings. CT also isn’t the most direct route through downtown to connect to other routes, but is a very safe alternative and is great for those not wanting to battle with traffic. It is well maintained, well done, signage good, etc.

    Protected bike lane is a short one and works pretty well. Is the only one of its kind in town, so can often be confusing to cyclists, drivers and walkers.

    The Mayor is a cyclist and is committed to seeing Indy as a city where you don’t have to drive your car to get where you want to go. Lots of new bike lanes, trails, etc in the past 5+ years.

  2. Gabriel1981 says:

    That is fantastic!

  3. Becky says:

    I live in Indy, also, and agree with Richard–the Cultural Trail is wonderful for downtown travel. But, unlike other major cities (like Chicago), “downtown” is a relatively small portion of the city space. I live quite close to downtown, and the bike lanes in my neighborhood are the same old unprotected, abruptly-ending ones you find everywhere.

    Yes, the bit of protected lane we have is awesome. No, it’s not all that and a bag of chips…YET. Hope we’ll get there!

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