Evie – Future Batavus BUB Owner

Congratulations again to Evie of the lovely blog, Now for Then. She will very soon be the owner of a shiny new Batavus BUB courtesy of Fourth Floor Distribution.  Evie won the bike by completing two events for each of the three parts of the games.  However, she went far above and beyond merely completing the events; she incorporated the challenges into her life with enthusiasm and wrote about it all so wonderfully.  The fun radiates through her blog.  Here are Evie’s entries.

Bike date – ride with a friend and dress up.

Ride with your family.

Test ride a different kind of bike.

Go grocery shopping by bike.

Explore a new part of town by bike.

Go on a picnic by bicycle.

Evie, you and your bike Carmen are awesome!  I think she and Mr. Bub will get along very nicely.  :)

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9 thoughts on “Evie – Future Batavus BUB Owner

  1. Sara says:

    Congratulations Evie.
    Can I ask you about that back basket? Is it made to be a bike basket or did you fig it up? If so how? It’s beautiful.

  2. Evie says:


    I bought the back basket from Target for $14.99. It was intended to be a picnic basket, but I didn’t like the lining that it came with, so I made a new one and wove some flowers into the lid as well. It fit onto the back rack of my Electra Amsterdam perfectly; the only thing I had to do was attach the elastic bands front to back rather than side to side, as they would normally go. I was a tad nervous about it slipping and sliding, but it stayed put, even when fully loaded. If I had wanted it to be a permanent fixture, I would have used a few zip ties, and I’m quite confident that it would have stayed put. I do like the freedom to remove it whenever I like, though.

  3. *yay* Evie!!!

    Your bike, Carmen, *IS* Awesome!


  4. Maria says:


  5. Cherilyn says:

    Yay, Evie! Congrats! And thanks to Dottie and Trish for hosting such a great event!!

  6. Way to go, Evie! Your victory is made all the sweeter for me because that’s my daughter’s name. It’s a vicarious win.

  7. Elaine says:

    That’s AWESOME. She definitely deserves it.

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