Symphony in the Park

There is so much to do – for free! – in Chicago during the summer.  I try to do as much as possible, since culture is the reason I choose to live in the city.

Last Wednesday, my friend Chika and I attended the opening night of the Grant Park Orchestra, a free outdoor symphony in downtown Chicago’s architecturally stunning Pritzker Pavilion.  The pavilion lawn spreads out under the sky, perfect for enjoying a picnic in the fresh evening air.

Of course, I biked to work that day, so I biked to the concert after work.  The shopping bag on my rack held picnic supplies.

The fresh air, music, and company made for a lovely evening.  Bicycling home into the late sunset was the perfect end to the night and – as usual – half the fun.

I really cannot think of a better way to spend a Wednesday evening in the city.  And all for free, except the optional cost of wine and cheese.

The next free Grant Park Orchestra performance is Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony this Wednesday.

How are you enjoying the summer on your bike?

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10 thoughts on “Symphony in the Park

  1. best one so far was when i biked ten miles from albany to troy along the hudson-mohawk bike trail…with marilyn (my bike) strapped with a blanket, yoga mat, and 2 very fluffy pillows…all in garbage bags bc i was afraid it would rain. 

    the evening plan was to go to the drive-in and sit in the back of an el camino. (the pillows/blankets were for making the car a proper drive-in movie nest. :-D)

    • Dottie says:

      Sounds like an awesome day!  I used to love drive-in movies as a kid.  I actually went to a “bike-in” movie last week, too.  

      Love the name Marilyn for a bike.  :)

  2. Rich says:

    How do you hang a bag from your rack like that?

    • Dottie says:

      Good question!  I should have mentioned this.  The Velorbis rack comes with a hook on the side, perfect for hanging bags.  The rack clamp comes down on top of the hook, to keep the bag in place, if that makes sense.  I’ll have to post a picture + sometime soon.  I love this set up – it’s very useful!

  3. Mackenzie says:

    oh my gosh, this looks UNREAL! what a lovely way to spend the night! 

  4. I’ve just cycled to the Cricket Club to watch my son play a match, a lovely slow way to spend some time.  For you Americans: Cricket is a slower and better form of baseball!

  5. What a lovely evening.  Seems like a perfect way to begin summer!

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