A Downtown Chicago Adventure on New Year’s Eve!

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, I was sipping coffee in my pajamas when I got a text from my friend Elizabeth, encouraging me to join her for a bike ride downtown.  I was sorta prepared to spend the entire day in my PJs with books, but after some peer pressure, I said yes (don’t we all need a lil’ push sometimes?).

I’m so glad I did because it was a lovely way to end the year!

The weather was chilly but mild for Chicago winter.  I broke out my new hot pink Kate Spade tights to go with my suede boots and red jacket – a totally comfortable outfit for the day’s outing.

Betty Foy was ready to go, dorked out with her Christmas lights and mounted camera (with which I recorded this video of the Lakefront Trail).

And of course my dear friend Elizabeth with her Santa hat!

We took the Lakefront Trail south 7 miles to the Buckingham Fountain.

 It was off – booo.

Then we made our way to the Art Institute of Chicago

…to check out the awesome lions with their famous holiday wreaths.

About that time we started to get a bit too cold.  No problem – we popped into a cafe for hot cocoa.  Mmmm, the perfect fuel.

Next, we looped over to North Michigan Avenue, where I had to take one photo of this truly ridiculous temporary Marilyn Monroe statue.  I’m a fan of MM and kitsch, but  if you have any doubt how icky this installation is, watch for five minutes how tourists interact with it when posing for photos!

Finally, I said goodbye to my favorite Chicago building before getting back on the trail to return home, stopping at local book shop, Unabridged, on the way.

By the time I got home in the late afternoon with nearly 20 miles under my belt, I felt great – tired in a good and healthy way that allowed me to spend the next two days curled up with books and scotch without feeling too much like a sloth.  :)

Here’s to motivating friends, fun bike rides, fresh air, and 2012!

{Read Elizabeth’s side of the story at Bike Commuters.}

{See a similar ride I did two years ago (dang, time flies!!) complete with holiday lions.}

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9 thoughts on “A Downtown Chicago Adventure on New Year’s Eve!

  1. Jax+Puzzle says:

    Looks like a great time!! Love the KS tights on you, especially paired with your red coat – I meant to pick those exact tights up on sale but they sold out and I missed them. Oh well – next time! :-)

  2. anniebikes says:

    We all need a motivating friend in our lives. Here’s to Elizabeth!

  3. […] Follow this link: A Downtown Chicago Adventure on New Year's Eve! » Let's Go … […]

  4. E A says:

    I need the motivation today… :-) I miss that gorgeous day.

    The snow we now have is pretty, but not my favorite for riding.

    Great photos Dottie!

  5. What a fun time! You’re so lucky to have riding buddies close by.

  6. What a fun time! You’re so lucky to have riding buddies close by.

  7. david , malta says:

    i really envy your flat roads ; ) nice pics …and coat

  8. Dion McGill says:

    sounds like a great time, and love the pics. I’m thinking about going to the evening ride tonight in the loop, but just not sure how many people will show up. I love large group rides.

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