Timeless Cycle Chic

Hi, Chelsea from Frolic! here! I am so glad to be guest blogging on Let’s Go Ride a Bike today! It’s one of my daily reads. I recently came across these old photos and I think the girls and their bicycles are super chic!

Photos from Flickr: 1, 2, + here.

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6 thoughts on “Timeless Cycle Chic

  1. Anne Hawley says:

    These are terrific! I love the easy-breezy style shown by all three young women, and I especially like the almost cross-dressing style of the middle one (it must have been quite noteworthy in its time!).

    Thanks for finding and posting these.

  2. Zach says:

    I’ve been having fun reading this blog and many of the other bike blogs out yonder. Although I’m not a girl and I don’t have a cute bike ,mine is early 80s Nikishi with mix and matched pieces and on the verge of falling apart it seems, I have in the past year and half rediscovered a love for bicycling and enjoy relating to like-minded individuals such as yourselves. My mother-in-law recently wrote a book about her mother who was the first woman to set an across the US bicycling record. Here’s the link if interested: http://www.onceuponachariot.com/ Thanks for sharing your passon for cycling!

  3. stuckinmypedals says:

    These photos are gorgeous. I hope I look that free when I’m riding my bike.

  4. Love seeing Chelsea here and love these vintage photographs!

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