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Convert Your Skirt!

This morning, I met up with my friend Elizabeth at Heritage Bikes for a quick breakfast before continuing on to work.  Bikes and coffee and friends is a lovely way to start the day!

While there, I met Sarah, one of Elizabeth’s high school friends visiting from Berkeley.  She showed us her clever creation, a restrictive pencil skirt that she made bike-able by replacing the side seams with zippers and sewing in extra fabric.

The surprise pop of color is so fun!

At the office, you’re wearing a regular pencil skirt and then before getting on you bike at the end of the day, you unzip the sides and voila.  Here’s a short demonstration video.

Sarah has a website, Skirts on a Bike, where you can download instructions on how to convert your own skirt.  She plans to start selling kits complete with zippers and fabric in the future.

I have a few pencil skirts and dresses that I love but rarely wear due to not being able to ride my bike with them. I think it’s time to convert some skirts! :)

Has anyone else tried something like this?

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Dressing for the Weather

The delightful, crisp fall weather has turned into lots of rain and somber grey skies. The past five days have been pretty crappy, weather-wise. I took the L because of the rain on Monday and that experience reminded me that riding a bike is always more enjoyable, even if in the rain.

An upside of fall, regardless of the exact weather conditions, continues to be seasonal clothing. I’ve been enjoying all my tweed and wool and – yes – velvet. Very librarian chic. LC of Naturally Cycling: Manchester recently talked about how she likes to dress to match the season. I find that I do the same, preferring pinks and yellows for spring, browns and oranges for fall.

When bike sites talk about dressing for the weather, they usually focus on technical aspects, such as specialty raincoats and balaclavas. (We have our fair share, of course.)  I prefer to think of dressing for the weather in this more fun way. The common sense stuff comes naturally – for example, I’m about to throw a rain trench over my burnt orange sweater and tweed skirt for my wet ride this morning.  That will do just fine.  :)

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Wardrobe Malfunction: Stapling My Skirt

I wear dresses or skirts almost every day. I ride my bike everyday.

As a result, I’m way beyond the point of caring about my skirts and dresses flapping in the breeze while I ride. A regular knee-length skirt covers more than shorts, even when riding up. As long as the skirt doesn’t fly up completely with a strong wind, it’s all good. That said, my new jean dress ($3 at Salvation Army!) was not behaving today.

The dress is button down in the front and the culprit was the 8 inches or so at the bottom after the last button. In the morning, soon after discovering the problem, I pulled over, took the scrunchie out of my hair and tied the side of my skirt up with it. That solution worked well enough, but for the ride home I wanted a more sophisticated fix. For the life of me, I could not find a safety pin in my office. That’s when the stapler started to look awfully attractive. Crunch, crunch – and my skirt was fixed.

In the future, I’ll try to remember to wear spandex shorts under new dresses, until I know how they will behave. :) But it’s good to know that I can think on my feet (wheels?) when necessary.

Anyone else have quick fixes for wardrobe malfunctions?

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