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Possible Peugeot Project

Le Peug has been well-loved. There are a few deep scratches on the top tube and down tube,  some of which have rusted over — not especially pretty.

Le Peug and friends at happy hour last week

Le Peug and friends at happy hour last week

I had been thinking since he arrived that a touch-up might not be a bad idea, so on Sunday morning I read a few posts on bike forum and decided I knew enough to give it a try. The process seemed simple: sand off rust, clean with alcohol, mask (if using spray can), apply primer, apply paint. One of the bike forum visitors even suggested a good match for white Peugeots: Duplicolor White Wheel Paint, which I thought I had a good chance of finding at the O’Reilly Auto Parts close to my house.

So we set out, Continue reading

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