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Neighborhood Group Ride

As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been enjoying everyone’s LGRAB Summer Games entries–on Saturday I decided to join in the fun by taking a small group ride through my neighborhood. The ride started out at my friends Erin & Scott’s house near Edgehill Village. Destination? Local popsicle shop Las Palatas.

Katie and me, ready to go

Erin and Scott have road bikes (Scott brand!), but they got along just fine with Katie’s and my vintage wheels.

If you ever come to Nashville, be sure to seek out Las Paletas. This small local business is run by sisters who spent time in Mexico learning authentic paletas recipes; pure fruit & sugar deliciousness, along with flavors like Mexican Caramel, Hot Chocolate and Cucumber and Chili. They have a sign now, so they’re a little easier to find.

Girls and popsicles

The new 12South & Paris development also houses Greenlight Market & Deli, a small store full of local, organic–and reasonably priced–delicacies.

We browsed, then rode back up 12th to Erin & Scott’s. At the last minute, Katie and I decided the ride wasn’t over yet, so we rode back down to one of my favorite watering holes, the 12South Taproom. A beer was just what the doctor ordered at the end of a hot summer ride.

One of the things I love about cycling is the ability to really get to know your neighborhood. Every day I get on my bike I feel lucky to live in a neighborhood that is worth getting to know.

For more on 12South, see my Google Map of the area here.

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Quick Question for the Blogosphere


REI's Novara Carema Pro

My friend L. is looking for a road bike. L. sees this as a longterm purchase and wants something well-made and durable, but still reasonably priced—she’s hoping to pay around $1,000. Right now the top contender is the Novara Carema from REI, which has all the features she wants: extremely light, with an aluminum/carbon fiber frame, lots of gears (30!) and higher-end Shimano components.

L. plans on participating (for fun) in sprint triathalons eventually, and wants a bike that will be competitive. She also wants to go on distance rides. Since she doesn’t know a lot about bike maintenance, she has concerns about going vintage. I know we have several road-bike-riding readers who know a lot more about this sort of thing than I do — so please, bring on the recommendations in the comments!

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