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A Great Day

Despite the grey skies, today was a beautiful day in America.  I took my good mood to the Lakefront Trail and enjoyed a leisurely ride to work.

While waiting at a red light downtown, a guy in a truck rolled down his window and said, “I like your bumper sticker.  You go, girl!  Have a great day.”  And I did.  :-)

P.S. Check out my Oma/Obama post from way back in the day.

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Bike Bumper Stickers

Over the years, I’ve considered getting a bumper sticker for my bike.  Something fun and positive like, “Thank you for seeing me!” or “Have a nice day!” or “Put the fun between your legs!”  (I am not that forward!!).   But this is the first bike bumper sticker I’ve ever sported:

The sticker is not made specifically for bicycles, of course, but my Velorbis has a convenient license plate-like area perfectly fit for such a sticker.  Instead of peeling off the backing, I stuck some electrical tape on the back side and so far it’s holding up well.

I’m ridiculously proud of/smug about this bumper (fender?) sticker.

Have any of you ever sported a bike bumper sticker?  If so, what did it say?  ;-)

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Fashion Friday: Patriotic

I am all pumped up from watching the Democratic National Convention this week – mostly from Michelle Obama’s speech!  You may notice this influence in my Fashion Friday outfit.  ;-)

Happy weekend!

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Obama / Oma


Obama without the "ba" is Oma :)

I saw this on EcoVelo and had to make one of my own. Fun procrastination when I’m supposed to be working! You can make your own here, thanks to the ever-cool Paste Magazine.


Inauguration Day, Winter Bike to Work Day, My Lucky Day!



So much good stuff in one day! First, of course, is Obama as our new president!! I’m still pinching myself, it seems almost too wonderful. (Hey, shocker, we at Let’s Go Ride a Bike are liberals!) On November 4, 2008, I had a ticket to Grant Park and it was a magical night. After Obama’s speech, my bike and I joined an impromptu parade down Michigan Avenue, a street I never ride on due to the high speeds and heavy traffic. Tonight on my way home I stopped to take a picture of the pretty city lights over the park and only then realized the “OBAMA” lights. Perfect.

Cold Weather Cycling Outfit

Cold Weather Cycling Outfit

Second, today was Chicago’s Winter Bike to Work Day, organized by the Active Transportation Alliance (formerly the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation). I wore my work clothes on my bike (except I later changed from the snow boots to knee-high black suede flat boots) – a red turtleneck, black and white checked knee-length skirt, argyle knee-socks, wool leggings, and wool overcoat. A photographer from the Tribune took my picture and wrote down my name and age, so maybe I’ll make it into the paper again. That would be fun.

The turnout was much smaller than I expected, with no more than 15 people while I was there (including the volunteers). The summer Bike to Work day rally had hundreds of participants, with a speech by Mayor Daley. This confirmed what I’ve been noticing the past 2 months – the amount of commuters drops drastically once the cold rolls in.

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