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Emma’s Custom Ride

About a month ago, reader Emma Alvarez Gibson mentioned that our site, in combination with her husband’s bike-savvy, was inspiring her to get on a bike again.

Recently, that day came: her husband Roger gave her a gorgeous bike he customized himself for their 10th anniversary. We should all marry such a man. ;-) Emma kindly shared some pictures of her new ride with us.

Emma and her new friend

Emma and her new friend

Emma rides in the LA suburb of San Pedro, just a mile from the ocean. As a freelance writer, she doesn’t have much of a commute, but she does plan on using her new bike to go to local coffee shops, where she writes and holds business meetings. Emma explains, “I’ve ridden a few miles along the coast thus far and I’m really pleased with the way it rides. And of course I’m completely in love with riding. Most things one enjoys as a child lose their charm in adulthood; riding a bike seems only to have gotten more charming.” Definitely a sentiment I can get behind.

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