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How-To: Leading a Group Ride

Our posts about group rides nearly always draw comments like “I wish we had one of these in my city” or “I’ve been wanting to organize something like this, but . . . [insert excuse here].” I used to be one of those commenters, until the Garden Party Ride here in Nashville showed me that yes, Virginia, we could host our own cycling event.

The Nashville Garden Party Crew

The Nashville Garden Party Crew

You can, too! And you should. Group rides like these are a lot of fun, and in my opinion they’re even better than Critical Mass for raising community awareness of city cycling. Here’s how to get started.

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Nashville Garden Party Ride

Just over a week away, Nashville. Don’t forget!
garden party
The BikeSkirt girls will be joining us as well, so don’t miss out! You can RSVP on Facebook, if you’re into that sort of thing. Dottie and I can’t wait to lead our first ride.

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