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Riding the Heat Wave

Temps are in the 90’s this week in Chicago – and many other places around the country.  Riding my bike did not feel much hotter than usual.  Maybe it helps that I recently spent a week in North Carolina, where it’s always 90 degrees.  And now when I feel hot, I can visualize myself back to the beach there.  :)

Seriously, I guess my one tip is to take it slow.  And drink water.  That’s two tips.

Stay cool, everyone!

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ça pue!

Et ici “ça” = “moi.” At least for a few minutes after I arrive at the office. Temps aren’t too high yet, but with 95% humidity, I’m thinking it’s time to start coming into work early lest my coworkers start begging me to work from home. I got here today, cranked up the air and purchased some Action Wipes. Next week, I’ll come in wearing different clothes than the ones I work in, and wipe down and reapply deodorant in the bathroom once I arrive. Ah, the glamour of summer commuting!

What are your strategies for coping with the summer heat?

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