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Kerri Russell Rides a Bike!

Check out Kerri Russell casually riding a Gazelle in NYC.  I was so excited to see these photos on Pinterest!  I love seeing people in the public eye who bike to get around.  Her relaxed but chic style goes perfectly with bicycling around town.

Anyone know what panniers those are?  Very classy!

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Beautiful Bicycles: Gazelle Toer Populair and Chamonix Pure

A new Dutch bicycle brand has arrived in Chicago, and you know I was all over them faster than you can say “Dottie is freakishly obsessed with pretty and utilitarian city bikes.”  The Gazelle Toer Popular and Gazelle Chamonix Pure are now at Dutch Bike Chicago. The names are unweildy and hard to pronounce, but everything else about them is lovely.

The Gazelle Toer Popular is a super traditional Dutch bike with gorgeous looks, a sturdy steel frame and all of the expected features.

Gazelle Toer Populair

Gazelle Toer Populair

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A Real Community

The best part of blogging is meeting (virtually and in real life) so many cool people who share my passion for cycling. A community of like-minded folks is invaluable: I may have been the only bike commuter at my office, but I was never alone. This weekend was packed full of visitors from the online cycling community, and I had a great time.

There’s so much for me to cover, including the people I met, the cocktail party ride, new Gazelles at Dutch Bike Chicago, and the temperature dropping into the 30’s. I’ll start with the visitors.

Velorbis and Elisa at Copenhagen Cyclery

Velorbis and Elisa at Copenhagen Cyclery

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