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On Dressing Your Best Week

Last week, the women of Academichic hosted Dress Your Best Week, an event that encouraged readers to dress to highlight their best features in lieu of the usual dressing to minimize real or perceived “figure flaws.” This led to a lovely series of posts by bloggers of all stripes, discussing how and why they came to love various body parts. I kept this in mind all week, but it all came together in one outfit on Wednesday.

With my hairstyle, inspired by braidmaster S., I am drawing attention to my nose. I used to think it was big and wide, especially when I smiled, and a little too ski-jump. It was exactly like my great-grandmother’s, after all, and she had felt the need to sleep with a clothespin on her nose to make it narrower, according to my grandmother. Then a high school classmate of mine got a nose job. It was well done, and maybe it made her more conventionally beautiful, but I felt she had lost something. I decided my nose wasn’t so bad. Years later it became the subject of an ode by a drunken Frenchman in Mulhouse, and lord knows I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on that experience.

The dress, with a belt added by me, highlights my waist, something I keep no matter how my weight fluctuates (thanks, waist). Wedge heels, a 22nd birthday present, draw attention to my feet (small, and I actually like my toes) and my calves, which are toned from biking. Though I can’t say biking has made me lose weight, it has definitely made me stronger and I love that. If you had told me two years ago that my legs would be among my favorite body parts, I would have called you a liar. :) Has biking created any “best” parts of the body for you?

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