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Explore: Chicago’s Clark Park Bike Trail

A hidden gem in Chicago is Clark Park. Mr. Dottie discovered this park while running, tucked behind an awful strip mall-parking lot development. The park includes a baseball field, forest preserve and kayak rental to flow down the river – if you don’t mind the signs warning you not to make skin contact with the water. The best feature of the park is the bike trail, especially the section with “sweet” jumps for mountain and bmx bikers. The area shown below is tucked in the woods and has a secret garden feel to it.

After some Googling, I discovered that the park sits on the grounds of the former Riverview Amusement Park (1904-1967), which for a time was “the world’s largest amusement park, with a massive roller coaster, a double ferris wheel, a tunnel of love, a water slide, a parachute drop, and carnival games of skill and chance, among many other things.” How cool is that? Very. Chicago is full of little treasures like this, waiting to be discovered.

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Millennium Park in the Morning

I stopped by Millennium Park on the way to work Thursday morning. The park is out of my way, but worth a visit. I have gobs more pictures of the gardens – this is only the first set.

I really appreciate Chicago.  The city has its problems, but there is also so much beauty.

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Chicago’s Navy Pier

I ride by Navy Pier every day during my commute. Today the weather was gorgeous – sunny in the 60’s F – so I decided to stop and explore the pier before heading home. I enjoyed it all, even my $5 icecream cone :) This is a great place to go for families, friends and dates.  I love being a tourist in my home city, which you may have noticed. 

11-14 navy pier sign

11-14 ferris wheel

11-14 rides

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Chicago Hot Dogs and Kitschy Fun

Chicago has plenty of sophisticated dining options, but the heart of Chicago’s food experience is its deep dish pizza and hot dogs. Our friend Tanya visited this weekend and wanted a Chicago dog, so I took her to  Murphy’s Red Hots (1211 W. Belmont Avenue).  I am not an authority on Chicago’s best hot dog – I don’t eat beef or pork! – but she gave them two enthusiastic thumbs up.

While she had a red hot with everything, I enjoyed delicious fries and a vanilla shake with a hearty dose of kitsch.

9-21 sign

9-21 red hot

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