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LGRAB Summer Games reading ideas

Looking to complete the “read a book about cycling” event in Part II of the LGRAB Summer Games, but not sure what to read? Here are a few suggestions, in no particular order, all of which have been read by Dottie or me over the past year or so:

Pedaling Revolution by David Mapes (Read Dottie’s review of this one here.)

The Art of Cycling or The Cyclist’s Manifesto by Robert Hurst

The Lost Cyclist by David Herlihy (I’m currently reading and enjoying this one)

Bike Snob by Bike SnobNYC (Don’t miss Velouria’s take on this)

Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt

And last but not least, David Byrne’s much-heralded Bicycle Diaries.

FYI, fiction where cycling plays a starring role is also permissible, so be creative! Dottie recommends Sarah Dessen’s YA bestseller Along for the Ride.

S. at Academichic has a few ideas as well. I’m adding The Man Who Cycled the World to my bike-related reading list. Anything else we should consider? Share in the comments!

Happy reading!

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