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David Byrne + St. Vincent

While some in the bicycling world may think “bike advocate” when they think of David Byrne, he is also a pretty big deal in the music world.  :-)  Last night, David Byrne and St. Vincent, along with a brass band, played a sold out show at the Chicago Theatre to promote their new collaborative album, Love this Giant.  They are the epitome of cool and the show was as energetic and wonderful as their album.

After the show, I biked into the beautiful Chicago night with my friends.  Too bad David Byrne could not join us – I think he would have enjoyed himself!

In Byrne’s 2009 book Bicycle Diaries, he talks of cycling in different cities when he is on tour, so I kept my eyes peeled for him around town all day, to no avail.  But I know someone who ran into him Monday in a bike shop – he was buying a basket!  I like a man who appreciates a good bike basket.

Here is the first single from Love This Giant, Who.  Great song, awesomely weird video.  Makes me want to booty dance like David Byrne and stomp my feet like Annie Clark.

I know Trisha plans to see them play in Nashville.  Anyone else catching the tour?  I highly recommend it!

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LGRAB Summer Games reading ideas

Looking to complete the “read a book about cycling” event in Part II of the LGRAB Summer Games, but not sure what to read? Here are a few suggestions, in no particular order, all of which have been read by Dottie or me over the past year or so:

Pedaling Revolution by David Mapes (Read Dottie’s review of this one here.)

The Art of Cycling or The Cyclist’s Manifesto by Robert Hurst

The Lost Cyclist by David Herlihy (I’m currently reading and enjoying this one)

Bike Snob by Bike SnobNYC (Don’t miss Velouria’s take on this)

Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt

And last but not least, David Byrne’s much-heralded Bicycle Diaries.

FYI, fiction where cycling plays a starring role is also permissible, so be creative! Dottie recommends Sarah Dessen’s YA bestseller Along for the Ride.

S. at Academichic has a few ideas as well. I’m adding The Man Who Cycled the World to my bike-related reading list. Anything else we should consider? Share in the comments!

Happy reading!

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Back to Normal

My world is all better today. I have a renewed appreciation for my regular commute, despite the congestion and car door flinging. At least traffic is slower, there’s a marked bike lane and lots of other bike commuters along the way.

Chicago from a lobby window

This is Bike to Work Week in Chicago and there are definitely more cyclists out and about. I’m team leader at my workplace and five other people have biked so far this week!

My new camera remote and $4 thrifted dress

In random news, I bought a MacBook! Last month, my six-year-old IBM Thinkpad gave out. After all the problems and crashing I put up with on PCs through the years, I decided to join Trisha in the Mac love. I’m giddy over the vastly increased RAM.

My new MacBook (and free iPod Touch)!

More random news: I won a ticket to Cities, Bicycles & the Future of Getting Around, featuring David Byrne! Check back here after Friday for a full report.

Has anyone out there heard Byrne speak about bikes? Or love Macs? :)

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