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Cocktail Party Ride – Fall 2010

On Sunday evening, 25 Chicago cyclists joined together to ride and drink in style, demonstrating that bicycling in a suit or dress and heels is easy.  The temperature was about 40 degrees with a stiff wind, but otherwise a lovely autumn evening, perfect for bicycles and sidecars.  Thanks to everyone who came out! You all looked fabulous and I wish I could have taken everyone’s picture! And special thanks to Mr. Dottie for putting on a suit – very rare.  :)




To all Chicagoans: See you next time! Date TBD. (Likely to be co-hosted again by John of Vote With Your Feet.)

To all others: Start planning your own cocktail ride. It’s so fun and easy!

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Cocktail Party Ride! and other bike events

There are so many fun Chicago bike events coming up, they definitely deserve their own post. Calendars ready? Here we go…

  • Tuesday, November 9 – Bike Fashion panel hosted by the Chicago Cycling Club at the Active Trans office. 6:30-8:00 p.m. I will be a panelist.
  • Sunday, November 14 – LGRAB’s Third Chicago Cocktail Party Ride! Co-hosted by John Greenfield. Leaving from the Wicker Park Fountain at 3:00 p.m. Dress fancy – all are welcome!
  • Friday, November 19 – Thought You Knew calendar gala-gallery launch party at the COOP. (<– check out TYK, it’s an awesome project!!!)
  • Saturday, November 20 – The 2010 Chicago Sadie Hawkins Style Ride. 12 p.m. starting at The Blue Frog. Registration is required and you must have a partner.
  • Monday, November 29 – Biking the Boulevards premier with Geoffrey Baer. 7:30 p.m. on WTTW Chicago Public Television.
  • Saturday, December 4 – Active Trans’ Bike Town Bash. 7-11 p.m. at Dank Haus in Lincoln Square.

See you there!

(Especially the Cocktail Party Ride!!  Okay?  Okay!)

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Cozy Cocktail Party Ride

Friday’s cocktail party ride took place on the coldest night of the season (in the 30’s) after a day full of rain. A great group of stalwarts showed up – a mix of old and new bike friends – and the result was an alternating cold and cozy ride. I love cold weather because then you get to warm up afterward!

Fancy Drinks at The Violet Hour

Fancy Drinks at The Violet Hour

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Cocktail Party Ride – This Friday!

Join our fun group this Friday for a casual cocktail party ride, including Elisa of Bike Skirt all the way from Alabama, Elizabeth of Bike Commuters, Melissa of here, John of Vote with Your Feet, Ira of Being Totally Sweet in Chicago, Mr. Dottie and me. The ride likely will be smaller and less formal than the previous cocktail party ride.

Unfortunately, no Trisha this time

Unfortunately, no Trisha this time

We’ll meet at a cocktail lounge in Wicker Park at 7 p.m. The ride will meander around the north side and stop at a few fine places for refreshments. Check back here for more details.

But wait, there’s more! Missy of Cyclin’ Missy will be in Chicago on Saturday. Too many badass bike bloggers for one city! Any other female bloggers, bike or otherwise, want to join us for brunch? Sorry, girls and grrrls only for the brunch. Saturday just happens to be my birthday: the big 2-8 :)

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Beautiful Bicycles: Abici Granturismo Donna

Though we’d altered Oma, she still wasn’t a perfect fit for long rides with lots of stops and starts–so for the cocktail ride, the nice folks at Copenhagen Cyclery in Wicker Park agreed to give me a loaner. The shop’s manager, Phil, and owner, Brent (who was on the Cocktail Ride with us looking quite dapper) set me up with the elegant red Abici Granturismo Donna.

Abici Granturismo Donna

Abici Granturismo Donna

This sexy red single-speed with a rear coaster brake and a front handbrake was easily the most attention-getting bike I’d ever ridden, so it was lucky I had a few of Copenhagen Cyclery’s cards to give out to curious passers-by.

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A Chic and Rainy Night on Bikes

The inaugural Summer Babes and Elegant Bachelors Ride was a chic and fun success, despite the 90 degree temps that quickly devolved to rain. Everybody looked fabulous and we fit in everywhere we went, especially the swanky Nomi lounge. We’ll have to plan another one soon for later in the summer!

Let's Go Ride a Bike and BikeCommuters.com Together

Let's Go Ride a Bike and Elizabeth from BikeCommuters.com - luckily she lives only two blocks away!

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Summer Cocktail Party Ride This Saturday!

How does this sound for a night on the town: chic ladies and gents, slow-moving bikes, jazz from a rolling sound system, and sophisticated cocktails?

6-24 critics pick

Fabulous, you say? Then the Summer Babes and Elegant Bachelors ride was made for you. Join us this Saturday for a tour of Chicago’s best retro cocktail patios. All the cool kids will be there, including Trisha all the way from Nashville! The temperature may even fall below 90 degrees, if we’re lucky.

Time Out Chicago validated our existence by listing us as a Critics’ Pick in the magazine and Freebie of the Week online. We’re up there with Taste of Chicago – not too shabby!

If you’re in Chicago, I hope to see you there! Never ridden in a dress and heels? New to city cycling? This is the perfect opportunity to get comfortable. Don’t know anyone who will be there? No problem, we’ll all get to know each other as we bond over our love of bikes. Worried that you and/or your bike isn’t stylish enough? Don’t be silly. Think you’re too cool for us geeks? You’re probably right!

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