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City cycling, San Francisco style

Today’s guest post comes from the lovely Meli, who blogs at both Bikes and the City and Change Your Life, Ride a Bike. Her gorgeous frenchie inspired one of my first cases of bike envy and put me on to the search for a mixte of my own! Meli’s here to take LGRAB readers on a cycling tour of San Francisco, and let me just say that I bitterly regret that Dottie and I didn’t know Meli when we visited the city back in 2007. Guess we’ll just have to head West once again!

Hola everybody. I’m going to show you some of the spots I have stopped by in the last few days and thought I’d include a little map. My usual gorgeous bicycle the frenchie is currently getting some much needed luv+maintenance, so you will see plenty of my much neglected Italian beauty, the smurfette. Also a steel frame and a hill bomber. I am a city girl with a passion for wanderlusting every corner of my beloved city, so here is a little nutshell of my everyday outings. Life is too short. Let’s have fun. All the time. From San Francisco, with love. [map]


1. Fog tickets
The Presidio is the most hilly-open space in SF with plenty of history in every corner. A military post, a WW Hospital and now you can come across a yoda statue if you look closer, you must. ILM (by Lucas Film) is located just to the right of where this picture was taken. The Golden Gate Bridge is in the background, with some dramatic fog, of course.


2. Orange
This is at Civic Center. A little panda shot action. This particular evening was super foggy, so to countercolor that, I wore a dose of the fuschia-polka dot tights of mine and my bright orange sweater. Ride past thru the giant fog machine downtown. Oh yes.

for future guest post

3. Bananas
This is in Cow Hollow. The guys at this corner market here have known me for many years +I used to frequent our-then fave pizza join in North Beach. Good times. I no longer buy cigarettes here, but stop by to say hi and get some iced tea or snax once every couple of weeks. They call me red legs. Another one calls me bike racer, he runs the 1/2 marathon every year. ha haaa =)

for future guest post

4. Flower power
This is in the Inner Richmond. Two girlfriends were having Sushi together and were giggling when I approached their cute blue cruisers and was admiring and giggling over their flowers. This neighborhood is pretty flat for the most part, and it is great for its culinary colours. You can find a vast variety of global flavor from Burmese food to Russian Bakeries to tater tots with your burger.

Cruiser twins
5. Caffeine power
Coffee bar on Mariposa and Florida is one of my fave 3 spots in the city for coffee. I’m not a fan of using computers outside my house or work, but this seems to be a super hot spot for it. I don’t mind it because the location is beautiful, the staff are super nice and the guys know I like triple shots without me asking. Now that is service. I usually sit at the bar. I like to vocal conversations over keyboard bonding while sipping my delicious offee. It is the coffee bar after all.

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