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Meeting Miss Sarah

When I first started riding a bike over two years ago, the internet was my best resource for information: how to pack a pannier, change a tire, signal turns, etc. All very technical and masculine, but I accepted that as the bicycling culture. Then one day I stumbled upon Girls and Bicycles. One girl and one bicycle, to be exact: Miss Sarah and her Pashley. For the first time, I saw the possibility of a different kind of bicycling lifestyle, one in which dresses, heels and nights at the opera fit seamlessly. The rest is history.

Tonight I had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah, although I felt like I already knew her well. She is just as interesting, funny and open as she seems on her blog. And stylish! Killer outfit for her date with me. :)

Sarah and her husband Don are vacationing in Chicago this week (lucky for me). Check out Girls and Bicycles for lots of awesome Chicago pictures, and stay tuned for more Miss Sarah (and Don!) on LGRAB. We’ll be hanging out more this weekend – yay!

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Dottie’s Photography Blog

I wanted a pretty little space on the internet where I could put my thoughts about and attempts at photography, so I started a new blog called Dream Camera. My intent for Dream Camera is similar to the intent Trisha and I had when starting LGRAB: to learn more about the subject and hope that, along the way, others will find my experiences helpful on their own journeys. By no means am I a photography expert, just as I am not a bicycling expert, but that’s not really the point. Life’s 95% enthusiasm, right?

I will be posting here the same as always. What can I say, I like to write and love to communicate with others. I will just have to get more efficient with my use of time. :)

If you’re interested, you are more than welcome to visit me at Dream Camera. I know some of you are great photographers, so I would especially love for you to be a part of the conversation over there.  I have so much to learn!

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I wanted to reiterate Trisha’s thanks to the bike blogging community. Having a place to discuss, vent about and celebrate transportation cycling is priceless. So thanks.

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A Real Community

The best part of blogging is meeting (virtually and in real life) so many cool people who share my passion for cycling. A community of like-minded folks is invaluable: I may have been the only bike commuter at my office, but I was never alone. This weekend was packed full of visitors from the online cycling community, and I had a great time.

There’s so much for me to cover, including the people I met, the cocktail party ride, new Gazelles at Dutch Bike Chicago, and the temperature dropping into the 30’s. I’ll start with the visitors.

Velorbis and Elisa at Copenhagen Cyclery

Velorbis and Elisa at Copenhagen Cyclery

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Being Totally Sweet in Chicago

Today Being Totally Sweet in Chicago featured an interview with yours truly. That’s right: I’m officially totally sweet!


BTSIC, a blog about “riding bicycles, sampling culinary delights and getting sloshed on the finest of booze,” is a daily read for me. (Obviously, I am the target demographic.) Even for those who don’t live in Chicago, there’s lots of great information.

A sampling of my favorite bike-related posts:

Bike buying secrets of the commuting elite
Bike pub crawl in 7 easy steps
How to bike in the city, Part I and Part II
Chicago winter cycle chic

Thanks, Ira! I had fun drinking beer and talking bikes and blogs.

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A Blogger’s Life: Behind the Scenes

Happy Saturday! While we prepare for our ride, enjoy this snapshot of a blogger hard at work, muses alongside. A soundtrack of purrs can be very inspiring.


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Desperately Seeking . . . Our Site?

Since we started this blog, I’ve often amused myself by reading the keywords people used to get here. Some are quite random — like “Lucinda Williams bicycle,” which sent both Dottie and me scurrying over to Google to find out whether one of our fave singers had actually been pictured on a bike (as far as we could determine, no). A lot of people find us looking for info on models like the Batavus, Pashley and Oma, which aren’t widely represented online.

But, today I noticed that perhaps for the first time, the most popular search terms used to find us were variations on our site name.

picture-1Can people really be looking for us, or are our families and friends just not bothering to bookmark our site? Either way, exciting! 120-odd posts in and we’re still having fun; hope you are too. :)

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