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Summer Games – Molly, Group Ride with Co-Workers

Another Summer Games contestant who entered via email is Molly from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Molly really went the distance, participating in part 3 of the games during her honeymoon in Montreal, and her stories always put smiles on our faces.

From Molly:

Librarian Cyclists

I organized lunchtime group ride for the library where I work. It was a small group, only 4 people, but we still had fun. We rode to the Farmer’s Market and I think we all came back with asparagus.

Story: There’s an organization in Ann Arbor that promotes sustainable transportation alternatives called getDowntown, and every May they have a Commuter Challenge where they get workplaces to compete to have people do the most sustainable commutes over the course of a month. The University of Michigan Library has a huge team, so I was inspired to do a little Commuter Challenge/Summer Games crossover and organized a lunchtime group ride from the library to the Wednesday Farmer’s Market. The weather was great but the turnout was low, probably because I forgot to send a reminder email. But the four of us who did gather had a fun ride to the market. One of our participants interviewed all the other participants for a segment on her radio show. She asked us all what we planned to buy at the market; I think we all said asparagus.

{Awesome! and I can’t resist including her sweet bike date story!}

Piet and Molly

Piet was impatient with my attempts at documentation. Anything for a chance to win a Batavus in the Let’s Go Ride a Bike Summer Games.

Story: We’re finally getting some spectacular weather here in Michigan, so after we got home from work on Friday we were still itching to ride our bikes some more. I thought, “Bike date!” ran off to put on some earrings and fancy shoes, and we biked to Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream. After the ice cream, we encountered a random gang of cyclists zooming around. We didn’t recognize any of them, which was weird, and it turns out they were all from out of town visiting. We joined their gang for awhile and made a haphazard loop around campus. It was totally spontaneous and fun, but I had trouble keeping up on my lazy commuter bike, so after awhile we gave up and had a leisurely pedal home.

{Thank you, Molly! To see all of Molly’s entries, visit her Summer Games Flickr set here.}

I love the idea of getting a group of friends or co-workers together for a lunchtime ride. Has anyone else done something like that?

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Bike Date!

And nothing matters when we’re cycling / In tatter-tatters you’re entrancing / Be we in Paris or in Lansing / nothing matters when we’re cycling

A slight change to the original.

Monday night, Me and Mr. Dottie, dinner and Magnetic Fields concert.

That is all :)

P.S.  Thanks to {frolic} for making us one of its first Blogs of the Week. I love {frolic} and visit daily for my dose of happy.


Bike Date – French Restaurant in Lincoln Park

Last night Mr. Dottie and I enjoyed a romantic dinner at a fancy French restaurant. I wanted to wear my new Saja dress, so I wore it. This is not an ideal dress for cycling because of the length. However, when you ride your bike everywhere, it comes down simply to wearing what you want to wear. If I limited my wardrobe because of my bike, I would resent the limitations. If I took a cab to the restaurant instead, I would be incredibly lame. So I threw on some small shorts underneath, put my basket on Oma for the fig leaf effect, and pedaled in a ladylike manner. This was less revealing than a pair of shorts. Actually, the most challenging wardrobe issue was getting Mr. Dottie out of his cargo shorts and “fun in the sun” t-shirt. Turns out, he cleans up quite nicely. :)

Me and Oma in Lincoln Park

Me and Oma in Lincoln Park

Greg in Lincoln Park

Dapper Greg in Lincoln Park

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