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The Kid with a Bike

On Monday, I watched a movie that may particularly interest readers here, The Kid with a Bike.

The film, winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes, is “about a child, abandoned to the elements, learning to become good.”

The bicycle is prominent throughout the film, both as a practical prop (it’s how the boy gets around) and at various times as a symbol of innocence, betrayal, violence, forgiveness, and kindness.

Here’s the trailer. Go ahead and try not to get teary-eyed.

This is a film I’ll be watching a second time, for sure.

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Bill Cunningham New York by Bike

On Wednesday I met up with friend Sara by bike for al fresco dining – sushi and champagne (love BYOB restaurants!). After dinner, we loaded up on cheap candy at the drug store and then went to the Music Box Theater to watch Bill Cunningham New York.

Bill Cunningham is a film photographer for the NY Times who rides his bike everywhere, documenting street style. He is an eccentric, in most ways true to himself and down-to-earth. Not at all a fashion industry type of person. The portrait of him was fascinating, funny and touching. When the film ended, I felt like clapping – and everyone in the audience did, so I did, too! It was that kind of movie. Highly recommended.

Has anyone else seen this or other good bike-related films lately?

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Race Across the Sky

Race Across the Sky is a stunningly beautiful and fast-paced documentary of this year’s Leadville 100 – the mountain bike race that Lance Armstrong won.   Tonight I went to the movie theater to see a special encore showing with Mr. Dottie, Elizabeth and Terry (owner of THREE Rivendells!).This was the second night that select theaters played the film. The story is inspirational and the race is straight-up hardcore.  I highly recommend seeing this film if you get an opportunity, especially on the big screen to appreciate fully the gorgeous shots of Colorado landscapes.

11-11 movie

Terry and Elizabeth

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Hot Legs

Somehow I’d missed seeing this movie until last year—this is one of my favorite scenes. It’s amazing how effortless the puppeteers make this look. If Kermit were a regular bike rider, his legs would have been even more drool-worthy for Charles Durning and his customers. And then there’s the bike’s geometry, which looks a little off. Perhaps Schwinn designed a special “frog” model?

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