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Fashion Friday: Sporty Sweating

The weather is soooooo hooooooot!!!!!  I admit that I am not biking on this ozone-action, 103 degree day, but I have been biking most days.  There is no way not to sweat like a piglet, so my only realistic option has been to wear gym clothes while on my bike and change at work.  For this Fashion Friday, I figured that since I am sweating anyway, I could imagine myself as one of those stylish sporty cyclists.

The Patagonia dress looks so sleek, plus it’s quick-drying and offers SPF 15 protection (pretty cool!).  The Keen Commuter Cycling Sandals I actually own and love because they never smell funky.  The Terry sunglasses are not something I would buy, but I like them in this magical collage world.  Finally, the Sweetpea Little Black Dress is my absolute go-to bicycle for fantasizing about being a road warrior glamazon.  (Gorgeous!!!!)

Do you have any sporty favorites that help you feel stylish while sweating?  Or are you beyond caring in this oppressive heat?

Patagonia dress / Little Black Dress™ | Sweetpea Bicycles / Keen Women’s Commuter Cycling Sandals  / Tifosi Women’s Cycling Sunglasses |

Fashion Friday: Nearly naked edition

It’s so steamy I can’t even think about real clothes this weekend, and since the hellish weather (aka pink blob of death) that’s enveloping Tennessee right now seems to be covering much of the country there’s a good chance many of you are feeling the same. So for this week’s fashion Friday, I’m dreaming of being on a boat with some Jeni’s ice cream. Pants optional. If you live somewhere that allows you to wear more than a bathing suit or underwear this weekend . . . can I come to visit?

Nautical heat wave


Not much on my plate this weekend other than the vain attempt to keep cool, but I am looking forward to fabric shopping with Lauren and a last-minute visit from my college roommate (yay K!). Also, to multiple cucumber-rosemary gin & tonics. And possibly frying an egg or toasting marshmallows on the sidewalk. Feel free to share your weekend plans or commiserate about the heat in the comments!

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Fashion Friday: Star Struck

This amazing skirt by Shadowplayncy inspired me to build a whole Fashion Friday look around it. The cotton sateen skirt is hand-sewn in New York City and printed with real images from the Hubble Telescope.  All of their space-inspired pieces are jaw-droppingly beautiful and unique.

I’m also really into these studded leather flats by Marc Jacobs.  If you look closely, you can see that the toes have little mouse ears, eyes, and noses!  A fun craft project would be turning a cheap pair of flats into mice.  Another would be putting orange accents on my Dutch bike, calling it Hermes, and reselling it for $4,650.  :)

I would wear this outfit on a night bike ride (sunglasses becoming a headband after sunset) to view the International Space Station as it passes by this weekend.

{Dorothy Perkins gold top, $49, Star skirt, $138, Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse shoes, $250, Mathias Chaize star earrings, $110, Chloé square sunglasses, $143, Bicycle Hermès Surprise, $4,650}

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Fashion Friday: It’s heating up

Yesterday I had my first truly hot ride of the season. Not complaining, since we usually reach 90 degrees well before June 15, but it means that I need to choose my outfits a little more carefully (and ride a little more slowly) if I want to avoid being a sweaty mess when I reach the office. I also could start leaving earlier, but that’s crazy talk.

I like the idea of a sundress with a built-in bra (one less layer!). Top it with a blazer, and you’re totally work-appropriate. Knit blazers like this one are great because they can be wadded in your pannier or basket with no harm done. They’re also washable. I have a beloved black one that lives at the office most of the time.

Biking the long hot summer


What are your strategies for cycling through the long hot summers? Do you carry a change of clothes? Ride at a snail’s pace? Stay inside watching Paul Newman movies? Let us know in the comments.


Fashion Friday: Fun in the Sun

Trisha is at Bonnaroo music festival, so I am posting this Fashion Friday in her place and in her honor, since I’m sure she’s having lots of fun in the sun!

This outfit is more of a dream one for me, because I own nothing like this flowered tank, pink shorts, and silver sandals.  It would look pretty cool, though, and perfect for a fun summer weekend!  I definitely need more bright colors in my wardrobe.  The colorful, cycle chic Schwinn bike pictured is only $300 at Target, although I cannot vouch for its quality.

I hope you all have some fun in the sun of your own – just remember to wear SPF!

Old navy tank top, $18 on sale for $8, J.Crew chino shorts, $48, Schwinn Women’s Three Speed Fiets Hybrid Bike White/Green, $300, DV by Dolce Vita leather platform sandals, $59, Old navy hat, $13BCBG Max Azria plastic sunglasses, $90

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Fashion Friday: Beautiful Beige

I went all-color for my previous Fashion Friday, but this week I’m feeling the beige.  Often stereotyped as boring, a palette of subtly varied beiges can be romantic and classy.  I love pairing bright red lips with such ensembles to provide a pop of color (Chanel is my favorite).  Many women are afraid of red lips, but the bold color is guaranteed not to look tarty on a background of beige.

My weekend plans involve biking, picture-taking, reading, and brunching with my women.  Maybe I’ll look half as put together as my style collage.  :)  What’s on your agenda?

Vintage dress, vintage camera, Breukelen from Bowery Lane Bikes (love the wood crate!), Yakkay helmet, Kate Spade sunglasses, KORS shoes, Chloe bag, Chanel lipstick.


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Fashion Friday: Memorial Day picnic

Happy three-day weekend, U.S. readers! On actual Memorial Day, I will be “running” a 10K. So I’ll have to get in all my relaxing on Saturday and Sunday. My daydreams today at work will be about pulling on a comfy T and a pair of shorts (while I love cycling in dresses, shorts can’t be beat when you plan to be sprawled out on the grass), grabbing that book I’ve been meaning to read and a few snacks, and pedaling over to the park for some rest and relaxation.


Summer picnic

Cheese, wine, a good book, a bicycle with a basket to carry it all—it’s pretty simple, but I’m not sure there’s a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Other weekend plans: swinging by the thrift store to pick up a few casual (and possibly, disposable) clothing items for Bonnaroo. Oh, and deciding which iteration of the gradient nail trend I’m going to go with for next week. I like this monochromatic look with glitter! How are you spending your weekend?

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Fashion Friday: Bike Spring!

Happy Friday!  The weather in Chicago is absolutely beautiful, with blue skies and sunshine.  I am in the mood for wearing a bright spring dress and fun sandals, hopping on my bike, and riding around all weekend!  I plan to do just that, once I get this work day over with.  :)  Along with all that bike riding, my weekend plans are to go to farmer’s market, start planting a balcony garden (tomatoes and herbs!), develop some film, read a lot, and relax.

In that spirit, here is some spring bike fashion inspiration.  This is a new Fashion Friday series and the goal is to inspire – a mindset, a style, a look-alike thrift store outfit – not to advertise any particular brand.  If you are not interested in fashion, feel free to skip over these posts, but in the answers to our survey, readers overwhelmingly requested more fashion content.  The people have spoken!  :)

Nutcase “Dots” helmetSolandra T-strap sandals and Primary Blooms dress from Anthropologie, Kate Spade New York Abici from Adeline Adeline