My New Bike Trailer!

Hello there!  I’m popping in to share my new aquisition: a Burley Travoy trailer for hauling groceries.


Since Mr. Dottie and I sold our car six years ago, we have been doing most of our grocery shopping on foot, walking to the nearby shop once or twice a week.  (You can read about our car-free shopping strategies here.)  This fall, in an effort to slash our grocery budget, we decided to invest in a Costco membership and a bike trailer to allow us to haul home a month’s worth of bulk purchases.

We’ve been using the trailer for a couple of months and it’s working out very well (our food spending is way down).


Mr. Dottie steers the ship because I need to buy an attachment thingie (technical term) in order to fit the trailer on my bike.


I pull my weight by bringing home the eggs, safely nestled in my basket.


If I had unlimited money and parking space, I would still prefer a bakfiets for shopping!  But this trailer is a reasonable compromise.  I paid $250 for the Travoy and have already made up for the price in lower food costs.

I promise to write a full and detailed review of the Burley Travoy at some point in the near-ish future.


Until then, I wish you all Happy Holidays!!

P.S. I have done basic grocery shopping and even bulk shopping (a few times) by bike, but the trailer makes the operation much easier.

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22 thoughts on “My New Bike Trailer!

  1. MikeW says:

    We love our Burley Travoy! It is very, very light and tows incredibly easily. Even when full, I don’t notice much difference in pedaling difficulty. My only “complaint” – and it is a minor one – is that although it will fold up into a very small space, it takes a bit of practice to get proficient at doing so.

    • dottie says:

      Great to hear from another happy Travoy owner, Mike! We agree that it tows loads almost weightlessly. Still working on the quick folding skills. :)

  2. S says:

    My kids have outgrown my (used) double Chariot, but I sometimes use it for hauling groceries or other bulky items like bikes.

    • dottie says:

      S, that’s a good use for an old trailer. I actually looked around on Craigslist to see if I could find a deal before buying a new Travoy. I considered buying an old kids’ trailer, but in the end the Travoy was too nifty to resist.

  3. Karl Brunelle says:

    Thanks for the Travoy mini review. I have been considering one for some time. Now what can you tell us about Mr Dottie’s trailer hauling bike. I like the idea of mustache bars but have yet to try them.

    • dottie says:

      Karl, I’ll have to ask Mr. Dottie to help me put together a write-up on his bike. It’s a Civia with a belt drive and he moved some parts from his old Sir Raleigh for customization. (See Sir Raleigh here:

      The Travoy is a very cool little gadget and I hope to have a full review up in January.

      • kristin says:

        PLEASE more details on Mr. Dottie’s bike if possible! I have been struggling to find the “perfect” commuter for ages and his combines so many things I want – disc brakes, albatross/moustache bars, bar-end single shifter?, looks like he added a hub light as well? I checked Civia’s website and I have notice that they drastically reduced the number of models they make; didn’t see any frames for disc/belt drives. Thank you!

  4. BobbinNSprocket says:

    Cool! A friend of mine has one of those and she LOVES it. We’re moving out of the sticks and back to civilization soon. Maybe I’ll be able to start shopping by bike again! I’ve missed it. I might have to look into getting a Burley Travoy.

    • dottie says:

      Hello! I love shopping by bike. Feels good to accomplish something so useful while happily pedaling down the street at the same time. :) Let me know if you have any specific questions about the Travoy.

      • BobbinNSprocket says:

        Will do! I’m excited to see what our new neighborhood will be like. The thing I remember thinking was the coolest feature of my friends Travoy was being able to disconnect it from the bike and using it in the store as her shopping cart. Pretty darned handy! :)

        • dottie says:

          I use it as a shopping cart at Trader Joe. Easy to do with the kickstand that can stay down at all times, even while rolling. It’s a nifty tool for city living!

  5. I’m single so I don’t have a whole lot to grocery shop. But I am always looking for a solution for hauling bulky items. Last month, I saw a vacuum on sale and thought how can I haul that home? I didn’t end up buying it. I can see myself using the trailer for this purpose!

    • dottie says:

      Knittybike, you could easily strap a vacuum cleaner to this trailer and haul it home. :) Perhaps you could make friends with someone who can lend you her bike trailer, if you need to haul stuff only occasionally.

  6. Jim Wylder says:

    Do you have any trouble with the trailer and wind?

  7. lem says:

    Thank you for your interesting posts.
    Wishing all at LGRAB a peaceful, joyful and prosperous Year 2015.

  8. Rob W. says:

    Ah, that is a slick item. I’ve used a Bob Yak plus for years, and loved it for shopping. It pulls nicely behind my Tour Easy or my EZ-1, but wont fit my electric bike, because the motor is in the way. The Travoy does look like it would make a great option for many reasons. The Bob doesnt store near as easily, but offers a single track 16″ wheel. The Travoy may have smaller wheels, but with two of them, it takes some of the balance load off the trailer, and turns it to just pulling load. Hmmmm…… (rubs hands and starts plotting :-) )

  9. Dan In Iowa says:

    I’ve looked at those trailers too. Well, I was looking at it for a friend. I need something that serves multi-purpose, including distance touring. I have a BOB and I LOVE it. I’ve hauled that thing for 12 years now through 13 states. I’ve not used it for grocery shopping yet. It’s a little more difficult with that where I live since it’s 12 miles out in the country. (that may be an excuse!) Good on you 2 for this!

  10. Hi, do you think this type trailer would also be helpful for people for a biking tour of approx. 40km a day? Or is it too fragile for that? Thanks! Suzie

    • dottie says:

      Hi Suzie, I can’t speak to that because I’ve never taken the trailer that far. My guess is that this trailer is not quite hardy enough, but I think I remember seeing a blog about someone using it for bike touring. Maybe you can google around and find it. Good luck!

  11. […] substantial load and can be folded up and stored out of the way when no longer needed. Dottie from Lets Go Ride a Bike , as well as Russ and Laura from Path Less Pedaled reviewed this trailer. Unfortunately, this style […]

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