Yup, It’s Winter!

My last post was filled with autumn leaves and musings about approaching winter due to temps in the 30s.  Um, yeah, I must have forgotten what Chicago winters are really like – 30s would be lovely right about now!

This week the temps plunged to the teens with a mean wind brining in the cold air.  I said, “Forget this,” and took the L earlier in the week (when the windchill was 0).  But I knew I had to embrace my new reality eventually, so yesterday I pulled out my hand and toe warmers, winter Bern helmet, wool leggings, ridiculously huge mittens, and got on my bike.

(Ridiculously huge mittens)
As long as there’s no snow and ice on the ground, I’ll be riding my Betty Foy.  Oma is ready and waiting with her studded tires, when her time comes.
Once I got back out there, I remembered how lovely biking in the winter can be.
fall_bike-7-2 fall_bike-8-2 fall_bike-9-2

Is anyone new to winter cycling or just looking for some new tips?  Here are some oldies but goodies from our archives:

The LGRAB Guide to Winter Cycling

How to Dress for Winter Bike Commuting

Sleek Winter Wear for Cycling

My Defiant Defense of Winter Cycling

Looking Back at My First Winter Cycling

Also, I highly recommend checking out this Bike Commuter’s Guide to Winter Cycling from one of my favorite blogs, Frugalwoods.

Okay, I’m off for my 9 mile ride in 17 degrees (f) now!  Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Yup, It’s Winter!

  1. frugalwoods says:

    Aww shucks, thanks for the mention. That bike is gorgeous! Serious bike envy! I added you into my rss reader but I’m wondering how much it’s going to distract from my frugal goals :-)

    Though let’s be honest: The bike has to be out of this world nice to even compare to a beater car. So we’ll say we’re winning! :-)

    Hooray all year cycling!

  2. […] LGRAB Finally Embraces the Cold-Weather Biking Season […]

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