Goodbye to Autumn?

Fall, I fear, is quickly coming to a close in Chicago.  The temps are dropping into the 30’s and we had our first snow on Halloween evening.

With this in mind, I’m reminding myself to be extra-appreciative of the autumn beauty that surrounds me during my bike commutes.  Soon enough, I’ll be surrounded by wintry beauty.
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P.S. A bit more about that Halloween weather.  The wind was so strong that crashing waves tore chunks of asphalt from the Lakefront Trail, forcing me to bike on city streets this week.  Happily, I hear that crews have fixed all the damage now, less than a week later.

My intrepid friend Dan biked home that evening.  He stopped to record this video of Divvy bikes blowing in the wind!  Dan said, “I had put my omafiets (Dutch bike) down on its side to keep it from blowing away and then hunkered down to shoot these videos.”

Hope everyone is having fun and staying safe this autumn!

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10 thoughts on “Goodbye to Autumn?

  1. weefrills says:

    That’s crazy (the wind)! Dottie, do you ride on studded tires all winter long, even when it’s not snowy or icy?

    • dottie says:

      I usually keep the studded tires on my Dutch bike and ride her all winter long. In Chicago, it seems to always be snowy and icy during the winter, so not much of an issue. But I ride my Betty Foy as long as possible through the spring, summer and fall (before the serious snow kicks in) because she’s much quicker.

  2. Anne from Geneva says:

    Hi Dottie! Just wanted to say hello and re-read your posts regarding biking in work clothes/skirts. I’m now working pt in the West Loop commuting into town via Metra and biking to/from the station from home. Tried wearing a pencil skirt one day. Yeah…that was a semi-disaster (smirk/snort). Looks like I’ve got some altering to do! :)

    • dottie says:

      Yay! Awesome to bike when you can after getting off the metra. I think Divvy will be a great help in this way. I gave up pencil skirts many years ago. :)

  3. Kate says:


    Maybe you have covered this before, but what gloves have you found that work in the cold (25-45), yet still provide enough dexterity to ride a bike, thanks!

    • dottie says:

      Hi Kate! I have not found gloves that work during the winter on their own. My extremities get extremely cold. The only solution for me is glove warmers. I put warming packs in my boots and mittens all winter long. I buy boxes of Grabbers from Amazon, which really cuts down on the cost. Without these, I would not be able to bike during the winter. I posted about them before here:

      • Kate says:

        Thank you! – for me as well, my fingers becoming painfully numb has been one of my biggest challenges when biking in the cold, and I find many gloves too bulky for a bike, but will try this. I have re-read some of your earlier posts on winter riding and dressing for inspiration!

  4. Maha says:

    Miss you Autumn.

  5. […] last post was filled with autumn leaves and musings about approaching winter due to temps in the 30s.  Um, […]

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