A Divvy Morning


Earlier this week, I took Divvy bikeshare to work, since it was supposed to rain in the evening.  Divvy is a very useful tool, and I’m lucky to have the option.  I had to stop and re-dock my bike twice along the route to keep from going over 30 minutes and being charged for the extra time.  That was not too much of a hassle, but I wish the max time were 45 minutes.

I took the Lakefront Trail to work.  With the nice tailwind, it was smooth sailing, although Divvy is noticeably slower than my bikes (even my Dutch bike) because even its highest gear does not provide that much power.

DSCF7074-750x450 DSCF7073-750x450



Here is where I tried to cross Lakeshore Drive at a pedestrian sign and gave up after the walk sign never appeared in five minutes.  I continued down the path and crossed at a car crossing.


DSCF7078-750x450 DSCF7070-682x1024

My final 9 mile trip was one hour of cycling, plus extra time for walking to and from the nearby Divvy stations.  Not the best option if I’m in a rush, but not too much slower than more regular bikes.



If the rainy and cold weather sticks around, I expect to be using Divvy quite often this spring.

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6 thoughts on “A Divvy Morning

  1. Laura Carter says:

    Dottie, why are you riding a Divvy instead of one of your own bikes? Just curious.

    • lindsaybanks says:

      I think her first sentence answers your question. I have 2 bikes and regularly ride Divvy. Sometimes I’m worried about the weather, sometimes I don’t want my bike to sit out in the rain all day, sometimes I’m meeting up with people who don’t have bikes, sometimes a short trip in the Loop is faster if I don’t have to lock up. Lots of potential reasons!

  2. Thom Wilson says:

    Hi Dottie.
    Sometimes i think the crossing buttons are placebo.
    Certainly more economical to just mount the buttons than to also hook them up.

    Possibly the button activates a go-pro camera trained on the hapless would-be street crosser, for a UC sociology researcher, researching, oh – i don’t know…….maybe…. STRESS!
    Glad you had your camera to help pass the time – great city photos.

  3. Trisha says:

    Nice to have the option of cycling in and then taking the train home, even if it means you don’t get to enjoy one of your own bikes. I tried this once with Bcycle here in Nashville, but it ends up taking me as long as it does to just plain walk since it’s almost a mile to the nearest station. And of course then I don’t have the option of the El for the way home. Maybe both of those things will change one day!

  4. steve_a_dfw says:

    Er, if there isn’t enough power, isn’t that an engine problem rather than a gear problem? OTOH, if the gearing is too low, it’s because the power unit is more powerful than the Divvy people figures.

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