Not afraid of a little snow…

EleanorNYC has a lovely little post today showing “women who look stylish on their bike and not afraid of a little snow.”  This reminded me that to not be afraid of a little snow, I need studded tires.  If there is snow on the ground that has not yet been totally plowed off the salted streets, I’ll only ride my bike with studded tires.


These are the bad boys on which I rely: Schwalbe Marathon Winters.  I bought them five or six winters ago and they’re still going strong.

Because I don’t have the time, patience or interest to swap out the tires myself (a longer-than-usual process for my Dutch bike), I brought Oma to a local bike shop a few weeks ago for her yearly tire swap.

When it was time to pick Oma up the next day, I Divvied to the shop.  (Thanks again, Divvy!)

20121225-DSCF5480resizedMy girl was waiting for me, still wearing her medical bracelet.


Oma was also wearing a note from my friend Dan, who saw her when he happened by the shop later to have his bike serviced.  An inside joke involving karaoke and Justin Timberlake – fun!  :-)

20121225-DSCF5489resizedNow Oma and I are ready to take on winter together and not be afraid of snow.

20121225-DSCF5501resized 20121225-DSCF5502resizedA lot of Chicago bicyclists get by fine without studded tires – and in fact I never put mine on two winters ago due to the relatively mild weather – but I like having them as an option.  What do you do to take on winter bicycling?

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8 thoughts on “Not afraid of a little snow…

  1. Aaron says:

    I keep studded tires on an old mountain bike for the snowy/icy days but rejoice when I can return to my usual commuter bike.

  2. Tom Howard says:

    I scored a set of nearly new studded tires on Craigslist and they have really come in handy this winter. I have a spare frame lying around, and one of my plans for 2014 is to build a winter bike with an internal gear hub, hub brakes, dynamo lighting, and of course, studded tires.

  3. Myra Hill says:

    I biked in the snow today with my Linus Mixte.

  4. Mark Tedrow says:

    Dottie, Trish,
    Welcome back! I’ve been riding through Boston winters for the past 5 years or so with the Winter Marathons. Great for the occasional patch of frozen snowmelt on the side of the road and for icy multi-use paths, including foot trampled snow on my rides into town.

  5. E A says:

    I used to be able to get by just fine without special studded tires, but my fall on black ice 2 months ago has me rethinking…. Now I definitely need/want studded tires to tackle this kind of winter!

  6. Larry Powers says:

    Studded tires work great in the winter for riding. But if you need studded tires be careful when stopping and putting your foot down. I have nearly done a split when my foot went down on black ice at a stop. I am way to old for that!

  7. spiderleggreen says:

    That’s what I do! Ride bikeshare(Nice Ride) to the shop to pick up my bike. I wish ours were all year like your’s, but I guess we have harsher winters in Mpls. than you. ;) I’d be curious how the stations hold up with winter use. That’s the excuse they’ve given us.

  8. david says:

    studded tires are SO NICE. I swear by them. I have Schwalbes and Nokians, they allow me to ride all winter long and never worry about road conditions, even though Chicago salts the hell out of the roads. Love it. Some of my best/most enjoyable days of riding have been with snow tires as I flew past the cars, slowly eeking their way to work.

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