A Winter Bicycling Day in Denver

Hello!  I am just back from a quick trip to Denver this weekend to visit Melissa.  Yesterday she and I grabbed bikes out of the garage (I rode her husband Chanh’s Huffy and she rode her Raleigh “Black Beauty”) for a relaxing ride around the neighborhood.





So, yeah, in Denver a ride around “the neighborhood” can be pretty darn amazing.

This beautiful scenery is in the city.  After leaving Melissa’s house and crossing a calm and well-marked street or two…


…Melissa led me down a lovely trail through a huge park.



As you can see, winter bicycling in Denver is not like winter bicycling in Chicago.  The bright sun and extremely clear sky were super bright, especially coming as I was from the dark and grey world of Chicago.  Good thing I had my big sunglasses.



A couple of details: the cool bell on my bike and Melissa’s cute biking shoes.



The park area where we were biking actually used to be an air force base, which this huge plane commemorates.


Some areas built up in place of the old base look a bit too suburban pre-fab for my taste, but overall it is a beautiful environment.


We took a break from our ride to enjoy a refreshment at a beer garden.  I love the beer culture in Denver!



Finally, we got a quick picture together before heading home.


The day before our bike adventure, we explored the town of Golden, Colorado on foot.


Where I guess they appreciate bicyclists!


This town is where Coors is brewed, but we chose to visit a couple of smaller breweries instead.  First, Golden City.  Their sign cracks me up.



Then an ice cream intermission for this little guy (his first!).


(He’s like – “Why are you poking me in the head, Auntie Dottie?”  Because I can, baby!)


And then a walk in the fresh air to the second brewery, Mountain Toad.




Good times!  We make a good bike-riding, beer-drinking, baby-playing team.  :)


As I write this, I am back in Chicago: snowy, freezing, and Melissa-less.  So sad!  I’m sure I’ll be back in beautiful Denver again in the next year.

For previous Colorado adventures, see Brewery Bike Tour in Fort Collins and B-Cycling in Denver.

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11 thoughts on “A Winter Bicycling Day in Denver

  1. Thom Wilson says:

    Glad you’re blogging again.
    Life is different in the West,
    did you try any marijuana?

  2. Aaron says:

    Glad you had a good time, intersected with some good weather, and came away with the impression that cyclists are appreciated. Believe me, it’s not always like that. I’ve lived many places, including Chicago and the greater Denver area, and one thing is for sure: in both weather and attitudes, there are ups and downs everywhere. That said, parts of the Denver area are definitely superior to other places for commuting on bicycle; and, if you can ignore motorist attitude, sport cycling here is second to none.

  3. LGRAB says:

    Hooray for friend reunions! It’s fun to see you guys together, and of course Dante is a doll. :) Glad you caught Denver in the gap between Polar Vortexes, D.

  4. Cyclin' Missy says:

    Looks like fun! I love your short haircut, Dottie.

  5. Christa Hannon says:

    Can you tell me more about that fish? I’m assuming it’s a sculpture.

  6. rorowe says:

    You left right before the snow and freezing rain. Still fun to bicycle in though.

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