Fashion Over Function

Perhaps a flowing white skirt was not the smartest outfit choice for a wet and windy day, but sometimes fashion trumps function, and this morning I wanted to wear a flowing white skirt, dammit.


I began second-guessing my choice as the lake winds whipped the skirt against Betty’s grimy rack and fender, but by that time there was no turning back.



In a nod to function, here is my head and eye protective gear that rarely makes it into photos.


By the end of the day, the hem of my skirt was lightly soiled here and there, but nothing terribly noticeable from a distance.  The real danger was the chocolate cake I enjoyed with lunch, crumbs of which inevitably got smushed on my lap.


Regardless, riding my bike, eating chocolate cake and wearing a flowing white skirt all made me happy, so I consider the dry cleaning bill worth it.  :-)

Score one for fashion.

{I picked this skirt up from a Paris thrift store for 2 euros.  See it styled for summer here.}

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Over Function

  1. Dennis Hindman says:

    Dottie, I love reading your take on the bikeway facilities that are being installed in Chicago. To me, your view tends to lean towards the majority of bicycle riders who would rather stay away from the arterial streets due to the level of traffic stress.

    Most of the bicycle advocates are likely to be those who are riding on the arterial streets. Their viewpoint can give a distorted picture of what the majority of potential riders want and need.

    If only there was a automated bike wash nearby, much like a car wash, so that a bicycle frame, basket and rack could easily pass a white glove inspection. The more time consuming it is to clean, the less likely that you want to do it.

    I tend to let my bicycle go a long time without a cleaning. That and no chain guard can cause some obvious dirt, or oily chain marks, on my street clothes after a ride.

    If there is no easily accessible place to wash a bike outside, then maybe a thin rubber mat could be placed in the bathtub. The bike could then be given a quick wipe with a sponge and rinsed using low water pressure. Even a quick rinse would help remove a lot of the dirt. But, avoid washing any of the oil off the chain, cogs, or chain rings–which could be difficult to remove if it gets on the walls, or the bathtub.

    I occasionally wash my panniers in the bathtub since they are too big for the sink and need a good soaking because they are made of cloth.

  2. Victoria says:

    I was wondering if you can give me advice. I want to start bike commuting next semester to college (20 miles round trip) and I was wondering where do I start? How do I prepare for everything on the road?

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