Early Sunset

The sun is setting earlier and earlier now – a clear sign of the shift in seasons.  While I am not crazy about bicycling in the dark, I appreciate changes that mark the passing of time and keep life from feeling too routine. And I can now watch the transition from day to night during my evening commute.









I hope all of you are enjoying October so far.  Just remember to carry your bike lights with you at all times!  :-)

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6 thoughts on “Early Sunset

  1. E A says:

    Welcome back!!! :-) MIssed you!

    I’ve equipped my commuter with 2 front headlights , plus the headlight on my helmet.

  2. Thom Wilson says:

    Glad you girls are back & blogging and that you had a fun vacation.
    I’m wondering what “Pogo” is, as in “POGO & DRINKS” on a sign
    in one of your photos? (great photos! Fall is really refreshing)

  3. Dennis_Hindman says:

    A brighter front light could make you more comfortable riding at night. Seeing more clearly what is in front of you and peripherally can help make you more confident and if its the motor vehicles that are the worry, then perhaps use more, or brighter taillights.

    I frequently ride on a bike path through a large park in LA at night and sometimes come across possums, skunks, coyotes, raccoon’s and a occasional owl. Though, my bright front light doesn’t usually help me very much in spotting the owls who often fly low and are completely silent when they move.

    I’ve had a skunk spray my pannier when (s)he was trapped between on one side of the path and a wall on the other side. I always thought that smell was eucalyptus trees when I would ride through the area until it didn’t go away when I passed that skunk and there were no trees around. I ended up washing the pannier several times with detergent in my bathtub and it still smelled somewhat of skunk.

    A bus driver who drives through that area couldn’t stop laughing when I told him what I had always thought that smell was. Its common for drivers on that route to run over skunks, or possums at night and there can be a very strong odor inside the bus when its a skunk that they hit.

    I also had what was perhaps a coyote or fox run across my path just in front of me. That startled me enough that I always make sure my light is on the brightest setting through the park on subsequent rides.

    Also, here’s a Streetsblog article with some entertaining black and white photos from CicLAvia that was held Sunday in LA:


    Its hard to resist smiling at the guy carrying home a pinata on his bike and the small girl riding along.

    Where else but in Los Angeles would you get to have a picture taken of a Jesus impersonator holding up your bike for a fee? If you ride the subway during peak tourist season you mind run into not only this guy, but also a three foot tall version of Mr. T, Snow White and assorted other characters working Hollywood Blvd.

  4. While the cooler days are most welcome, I’m not looking forward to long commutes in the dark

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