If you are wondering

Why the blog has been a bit quiet–we’ve been on vacation! Look for a full report soon–in the meantime, any guesses where we’ve been? ;)





14 thoughts on “If you are wondering

  1. Thom Wilson says:

    Ummmmm……… Disneyland?

  2. Teresa Wagoner says:

    Cinque Terre

  3. Ken C. says:

    No idea [guessing Old Europe or the Mediterranean?] but the architecture is interesting, and the views are lovely. Enjoy the trip, and the nice weather!

  4. ridonrides says:

    i’m going to say greece!

  5. RJD says:

    Les Beaux de Provence

  6. Jennifer in Scotland says:


  7. Gabriel1981 says:


  8. Aibrean says:

    That looks like the less-identifiable areas of Granada/The Alhambra to me! Have fun!

  9. wilcolater says:

    Portugal ?

  10. Mary Beth Johnson says:

    The aquaducts in Lisboa?? Other parts of Portugal? Happy holiday-ing!

  11. Idénia Nascimento says:

    Is in óbidos, Portugal?

  12. LGRAB says:

    All these comments are giving me ideas for my next trip. :)

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