The Oma Lifestyle

As I mentioned last month, I’m back to riding Oma almost daily.  And I’m reminded that Oma is not just a bike style, but a lifestyle.


I slow way down with her and relax into the ride. I coast up to yellow lights instead of accelerating to beat the red.  I enjoy the city sights from my high perch.


It’s all about opting out of the commute-as-race by sheer force of will.  Even as SUVs speed past me too closely and I breath in truck exhaust, I think happy thoughts and continue slowly pedaling.  Riding Oma helps me maintain a bit of serenity, as the city buzzes around.

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8 thoughts on “The Oma Lifestyle

  1. Thom Wilson says:


  2. LGRAB says:

    That crate is new! Looks awesome. :)

  3. Rebecca B says:

    Such a gorgeous bike, Dottie!

  4. Jessica Kleoppel says:

    love this sentiment.

  5. Fred Smith says:

    I like this – one of my bikes is set up so I can sit up properly and it’s great.

    Also in London we have lots of people on folding Bromptons. They have a particular attitude and love overtaking people on big bikes – I joke that a Brompton is not a bike and it’s not a way of life, it’s a state of mind :-)

  6. Clare King says:

    Love your blog and excuse the hijack. I ran across you while looking for info on Dutch Bikes. It’s been a wealth of knowledge. But there is one answer I haven’t found yet.

    I ride to work on a heavy single speed schwinn from a big box store. Nice and slow ;) You know the type. It looks like what I had as a little girl with 2 colors and a big cushy seat. Although I still love this bike, I think I deserve an upgrade after 3 years of commuting.

    The thing I have not learned about the Omas that I must know… My city is not bike friendly. I frequently have to take the sidewalk and jump curves. Or roll over or around huge roots in the sidewalk and the huge crevices that accompany them. How will an oma style back deal with these obstacles?

    My current bike is probably 35 lbs and sits pretty upright. So, maybe this wouldn’t be so much different from my current riding experience. I have to bind my groceries in my basket to prevent them from flying out. I lift my bottom when the going gets rough. But it would be good to hear from an experience rider.

    Just how do these beasts deal with curb jumping and root rolling :)


  7. Aleksandra Garbacz says:

    Great crate! i really love your mounting system. Can I ask where did you get it from? It looks great!

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