Babies in Bike-Themed Onesies

Good morning!  This post delivers exactly what the title promises: babies in bike-themed onesies.  Guaranteed to brighten your day.  :-)

I received these pictures on my phone last week.  The first is Dante, Melissa’s bebe.  Dante is modeling a onesie I bought him in Amsterdam (before he was born) with a cow and HOLLAND written across the front.


Okay, the Holland onesie is not strictly bike-themed.  Here’s another!


Hehehehe.  :-)

The second is Asha, Chika’s bebe, modeling a onesie I made for her with my not-exactly-correct version of  a bicycle on front.


Looking at these photos instantly cheers me.  Love these sweeties and their awesome moms.  :-)

Here’s to the next generation of bike lovers!


12 thoughts on “Babies in Bike-Themed Onesies

  1. Sara Brammeier says:

    Soooooo adorable! That photo of Asha is just the cutest! Dante is a little cutie-pie, too! Babies are the BEST!

  2. chika patel says:

    These two might just be LGRAB’s cutest fans!

  3. Melissa S. says:

    That’s my baby! ;-)

  4. Pamela Stoneking says:

    NICE And what about their grandma’s! Gotta love the grandma’s!

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