Riding the Nashville greenways

Hello, my name is Trisha and I have a secret. I have been training for a long-distance ride. And for some reason it has taken me forever to share this with the blogosphere! Maybe because those distance rides take time!

So last Sunday night, Whitney and I loaded the bikes onto her Subaru (this is a story in itself!) to do a 24-mile round-trip ride from Shelby Bottoms to the Percy Priest Dam.


We’ll be riding the metric century in Clarksville on August 31.


The weather was perfect: Not humid, hovering under 80 degrees. Pretty much unheard of for late July in Nashville, but we were happy to take it.


We were feeling fine at the halfway point.


Whitney in front of the dam

And even better as we rode back into the sunset across the river.



A couple of bloggers have been inspiring me this summer with their exciting stories of long-distance rides. I’m looking forward testing myself (and Le Peug) on a 62-miler! Any tips for the big day?

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20 thoughts on “Riding the Nashville greenways

  1. Jochen says:

    You’re doing
    it right with your training for the big ride.

    From my experience:
    Take some basic tools with you, some inner tube patches and an air pump.
    Nothing is more frustrating than a broken bike on the big date and no way to
    Drink enough and a little snack abroad will make your day.
    Enjoy your ride

    Have fun!


    • LGRAB says:

      They are supposed to have SAG on the ride, so I’m depending on them to fix my tire if something goes wrong…but I plan to bring tons of water and snacks for sure!

      • Lisa Curcio says:

        Even with SAG, they usually expect you to have your own tube/repair kit/tools. Also, on the (few) SAG supported rides I have done there has always been the admonishment that a flat tire is not an emergency and they will get to you if they don’t have any emergencies.
        And it cannot be said often enough: hydration. I don’t like drinks like Gatorade, but I bring them and drink them anyway on long rides because I NEED it. Water is not enough.

        • Kim says:

          Absolutely agree on the electrolytes. Also bring a snack with protein — sometimes the SAG snacks are fruit/cookies, and on one ride I did I was craving protein so much by the end.

  2. Go Trisha! In my more intensive riding days, toe clips were helpful. Looking forward to your report.

  3. Patrick says:

    A snack? Take a proper picnic and take advantage of getting into the middle of nowhere!

    Another vote for basic tools, and maybe some plasters too?

  4. Sara Brammeier says:

    Yay, Trisha and Whitney! I love long distance rides and it looks like you have some great scenery to bike in. My advice is same as others have said – stay hydrated and eat, eat, eat! Oh, and comfortable riding (padded) shorts are key for me.

  5. hillgirlky says:

    Trisha — Can you talk a bit about how you are training?

  6. Rachael B says:

    Padded shorts and a properly adjusted seat angle (the tilt of the seat) will make your ride more comfortable. Have fun! I love long rides, and it’s been too long.

  7. aem2 says:

    Best of luck! What everyone else said, and also have fun.

  8. Sarah W. says:

    Y’all are awesome! I’m impressed.

  9. georgina ormrod says:

    Brilliant pics & a beautiful bike.
    Make sure you pack an emergency snack for ‘just in case’. It may be that you dont need it, but if you do, you’ll be glad you took it along.

    A good rule of thumb is to ride a total of the distance you’re to tackle in the week leading up to the ride, but do have the day before or two days off to give your legs a rest so they are fresh for the big day.
    Have a BRILLIANT time!! Good luck

  10. LGRAB says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’m sharing more training details in my post on Monday.

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