Oma is Back!

Many of you noticed that Oma has not appeared on LGRAB in a long time.  Rest reassured that I did not suddenly decide that Dutch bikes are no longer cool.  I continue to love Dutch bikes and Oma in particular.  The only reason for the absence is that Oma fell over, messing up her crank and bottom bracket, and I was too lazy and cheap to get her fixed.  Seriously, I’m a ridiculous procrastinator.  It’s a problem.


A couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to walk Oma to nearby Heritage Bikes.  I’ve enjoyed breakfast at Heritage, but this was my first experience with their bike shop.  I received good and affordable service, and luckily no new parts were needed.

Here’s Oma’s hospital bracelet:


The day I picked up Oma was hot, so I enjoyed an iced tea with Mr. Dottie in the people spot outside Heritage before heading home.

20130715-R1-01600-014A 20130715-R1-01600-015A

I’m so happy to be reunited with Oma on Chicago’s streets.  Yes, she is slow and heavy, but also comfortable and strong and classy.


I promise much more Oma coverage in the near future.  Happy Dutch-style cycling!  ;-)

{P.S. I’m wearing my Made in Montreal bike dress.}


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7 thoughts on “Oma is Back!

  1. JenCook says:

    Beautiful bike and great bike dress!!

  2. ScottUKEireLover says:

    Your Oma fell over ages ago! Great idea to combine the chore of finally getting her fixed up with enjoying time with your Mr Dottie. Your right, dutch bikes rock!

    • ScottUKEireLover says:

      I know this because your blog helped inspire MrsUKEireLover and I to get Gazelle Basics and we’ve hardly been off them since.

  3. tooter turtle says:

    OK, being an engineering person, I am curious how the crank and bottom bracket could be messed up by a fall, and then not require any parts to repair…

  4. Philippe says:

    Yay, Oma !
    And very cute dress.

  5. Myra Hill says:

    Love the dress and the bike.

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