New look for LGRAB

So you’ve probably noticed our new look (including a new homepage!). We’re still making a few tweaks, but overall we are very pleased with this theme from the fabulous BluChic. The support and features are totally awesome and worlds above that of our previous theme. </end nerdy WordPress commentary>

Let us know what you think in the comments!


6 thoughts on “New look for LGRAB

  1. Fred Smith says:

    It’s cool and smart :-) Nice fonts too.

  2. Philippe says:

    Pretty easy on the eyes. Very girly…
    I’m not sold on the new script fonts for the post titles. Not very easy to read. And the blog layout is more conventional.
    All in all, as a reader, the previous theme was great.
    Now, I don’t know how difficult things were backstage.

    (Oh, and I have to ask : where’s Oma ?! It’s all about Betty nowadays.)

  3. Faithful Reader says:

    I like this MUCH better than the last! I thought the last was too cluttered. This format is much more sensible (although obviously I’ll keep reading as I like the blog regardless of the presentation). Glad to see the change!

  4. daperson says:

    Yup, really nice. I like not having to go hunting for the most recent post.

  5. meligrosa says:

    congrats! nicely done ladies
    ill be reading ya from feedly y the twitterverse<3
    tho visiting here often to comment, since 2008 ;-)))
    besos xxom

  6. Dottie says:

    Thanks for all your hard work on the theme, tech queen. :)

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