Bike Detour

Yesterday evening I was at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago for an outdoor concert – an event that signals for me the beginning of summer.  The park is near Lake Michigan and usually a quick ride through a garden brings me to the Lakefront Trail for my ride home.  However, last night I was greeted by this construction site where the garden used to be.

Yikes – I hope they are constructing an even more beautiful garden!

Fortunately, the city set up bike detour signs to guide me along an alternate route.  This turned out to be a fun mini-adventure because I never knew of this path.

The path followed the Chicago River…

…with a fancy tunnel to cross under Lakeshore Drive

…which brought me to a bridge over the river

…and led me to the Lakefront Trail.

As I biked up the trail, the sun finished setting.

I ended my journey home on neighborhood streets.

If I wanted to get all deep, I could take this as a reminder that what may at first seem like an imposition could turn out to be an opportunity to try something new.

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18 thoughts on “Bike Detour

  1. Jo says:

    I think it’s supposed to be a mini golf park or something but I doubt that will last long? I’m sure when Mayor Daley passes away they will make it a memorial park.

  2. David P. says:

    Summer concerts (and now movies) at Millennium Park are the best thing ever! We’re starting with tonight’s movie. Don’t miss the Triplets of Belleville next week.

  3. best.

  4. says:

    Yes! My normal commuting route in Minneapolis is also under construction, which has led me to find almost as fast and less trafficked alternatives.

  5. nikki says:

    wow. so construction season has its benefits! can’t wait to move to chicago in october. (hopefully sooner!)

  6. wilcolater says:

    I think that’s going to be Maggie daley park. Enjoy bike week Chicago.

  7. ** says:

    “… I could take this as a reminder that what may at first seem like an imposition could turn out to be an opportunity … ”
    How true and well put!
    I have had similiar encounters and experiences.

  8. […] The Maggie Daley Park Construction Detour (LGRAB) […]

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