Perfect Bicycling Days

As I tweeted earlier, today was absolutely the most beautiful day of the year so far to bike in Chicago.  Simply perfect.  Light wind, warm air, calm water, blue skies, gentle sun, and a hint of a chill to prevent sweating.  It doesn’t get better than this.  On such days, I am super grateful for my bike, which allows me to spend a lot of time outside just going to and from work.




In addition to biking, fishing is a popular activity on a day like today, as demonstrated above.

I wish all of you similarly perfect bicycling days.  :-)




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6 thoughts on “Perfect Bicycling Days

  1. Donna Norford says:

    We have had 1 or 2 those says here in Birmingham UK. They are indeed perfect for being out on your bike. It has now turned wet and windy. I am Hoping those perfect says return soon and stay.around a bit longer

    • LGRAB says:

      The weather is now wet and windy in Chicago, too. Here’s hoping for more beautiful days in the future for us both.

  2. steve_a_dfw says:

    Fishing and Chicago will never mix for me. Too many dead fish lapping at the edge of the lake…

  3. Deb Mozurkewich says:

    We had that yesterday in Michigan. Exquisite. Perfect. Made for bicycling. Love it!

  4. Great Blog. Love these amazing pictures. My friends and i created a video for Bike to Work Day. please check it out, enjoy and share:

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