Bicycling to the Ballet

Yesterday I had the pleasure of bicycling downtown to see the Joffrey Ballet’s Othello.  The ride was about 7 miles each way, along the lakefront trail.  The theatre is close to south Grant Park, which looked very nice on this beautiful day.



And at my destination, here is the view from my regular seat in the front row of the balcony.

What these photos fail to show is the wind.  It was really, really windy – even by Chicago standards.  This resulted in a super fast bike ride down the lakefront trail on the way to the show (I arrived 10 minutes earlier than I expected) and a strenuous bike ride back home with the wind in my face.  I popped Betty into an easy gear and focused on spinning.  I got quite a workout!

Also, the photos don’t show the black spandex shorts I wore under my dress – necessary, as the wind blew the light silk around like crazy.  :-)

Did anyone else have a fun ride this weekend?

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10 thoughts on “Bicycling to the Ballet

  1. Beverley Strain says:

    Hi! I recently purchased a Peugeot much like Tricia’s. It was not in as good a shape, so I have been spending the last few weeks getting him ready to ride. I rode him to my yoga studio last night…about an eight mile round trip. I was impressed with how well he did! He takes hills beautifully. Two issues: A. I am not used to how the handlebars are angled, if I rode him all the time I think I would get carpel tunnel; B. Desperately need a new saddle! I was thrilled to get him out on the road though! My yoga bike!

  2. David P. says:

    Yes, my girlfriend and I did the tweed ride on Saturday – lots of fun, and a perfect day for it!

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  4. Ann Erickson says:

    I’m always glad to hear I’m not the only one being pushed back by the wind! I had the opposite trip yesterday from Bucktown to Fountainhead on Damen, and the whole way there felt grueling but the way home was quick! It does seem like lately the wind has always been blowing against me on my rides. Maybe that means more burned calories…

  5. Van Randall says:

    Looks like it was a beautiful day in Chicago. The fountain and your hair give clue to the wind. At least you weren’t cycling in to the wind going to your destination. We had a fun ride yesterday

  6. David P. says:

    Dottie, where (in Grant Park, I assume) is that flower sculpture?

    • Dottie says:

      There are two rows of those huge flower sculptures, just before the Congress bridge with the big statue. So…on the south side of Congress, east of Michigan Ave.

  7. Dennis_Hindman says:

    I participated in CicLAvia on April 21st in Los Angeles. The photo on this website gives a fair representation of the number of bicycles you would see for miles in front or behind you at midday on Venice Blvd:

    If a city in the U.S. states that they have the biggest public cycling event in the U.S. and its not Los Angeles, then they are wrong. The organizers estimated that there were 180,000 participants at this last event.

    The next event will be next month and it will take over all the lanes on the busiest street in Los Angeles–Wilshire Blvd! It will be sort of a celebration of Mayor Villaraigosa’s last month in office. Without him the first event in October of 2010 may not have taken place.

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