Fashion Friday: Spring Scarves

I have a fun new accessory for spring: a beautiful vintage silk scarf that Trisha brought me from her recent trip to Italy.

I used to associate silk scarves with my elderly Sunday school teacher from childhood, but Trisha wears scarves with such effortless chic, I realize now how stylish they can be.  I drew inspiration from Trisha yesterday morning when deciding what to wear.  The Italian scarf called out to me and allowed me to wear an all-black ensemble without veering into Lydia territory.


The 80 degree weather from Wednesday dropped dramatically to the 40’s, so it was back to tights and long sleeves for me.  A silk scarf is lovely for warmer weather with a chill in the air.  It’s also fun for bicycling, I learned.  With the bright scarf whipping in the wind behind me, I felt a bit ooh la la.

Like a toned-down version of this.  :-)

When I got to work, I pulled myself together by slicking back my hair, taming my scarf and throwing on heels that live under my desk.  As demonstrated with this very classy bathroom photo.

Now I want to seek out more silk scarves.  Lucky for me, they can be found a dime a dozen (almost) at thrift stores.  Highly recommended for the civilized transportation bicyclist!  (Just be sure the scarf is not too long – don’t want it catching on anything while cycling.)

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7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Spring Scarves

  1. David P. says:

    Apparently the weather saw your post and decided you were being a little bit premature, and so brought back its winter self!

  2. Brandi Copher says:

    I have found that a scarf is the perfect accessory on those days when it’s just too warm for a jacket, but not warm enough to go without one. That tail flapping in the wind always makes me smile and feel like I’m in a an old movie!

  3. Sarah W. says:

    Cute outfit!

  4. Betty Angleton-Halsey says:

    That’s a beautiful scarf. I love wearing them everywhere. They really dress up an outfit!

  5. Scarves are great, I started wearing them after I inherited my grandmother’s stash. Only problem, my friends teased me, saying I looked like a flight attendant. I don’t think you do though, you wear it very well.

  6. LGRAB says:

    It looks great on you! Like the way you have it tied loosely once you got to work. I do love my scarves. :)

  7. Love it! Also a great way to add some color/pattern to an outfit.

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