Suiting up for spring

Right about now is the perfect time to bike in a wool suit without sweating or freezing.  Yesterday I did just that, as I had a court hearing in the morning.


The early spring weather was chilly (I ended up putting on a light jacket over my suit) but beautifully clear – especially along the Lakefront Trail.







As I biked down the trail, I passed a group of tourists on a rental bike tour preparing to set out and heard the tour leader say, “And this is the lakefront path, over 20 miles of…”  This was a good reminder to slow down and appreciate the beauty I’m lucky enough to enjoy on a daily basis.

{For more on wearing suits on bikes, see my earlier post, How To: Bike Commuting in a Suit.}

3 thoughts on “Suiting up for spring

  1. Amanda Rose says:

    Gorgeous shot, Dottie! I can’t wait for the spring to catch up with itself! We’re patiently waiting (and teeth-chattering)!

  2. Sarah W. says:

    View and Dottie are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. jane y says:

    I was in Chicago this beautiful morning and I thought of you whenever I saw cyclists. I, on the other hand, was in GPS hell trying to head back to Indiana. (Came for the Nick Cave show last night.)

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