Warm Spring Ride!

What’s that?!  A mittenless hand?


Bootless feet?


Muffless ears?


That’s right – spring is HERE!  (Okay, I’m willfully ignoring the 20-30 degree temps predicted for Monday.)


This long-awaited warm-up set the stage for a highly enjoyable and leisurely bike ride with friends Dan and Janet.


The destination was a lovely Easter lunch at the home of our friends Sara and Glenn.


Oh yeah, Che lives there, too!

After a delicious meal and a spirited game of Scrabble, we were off on our bikes again to return home.  The evening sun made the ride chillier, but still very enjoyable.

The feel of warm air on bare skin is such a luxury this time of year.  Here’s hoping there is much more of it soon!


Did you enjoy any special rides this weekend in the warm spring air?

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4 thoughts on “Warm Spring Ride!

  1. Paloma says:


  2. cycler says:

    Didn’t actually ride any yesterday :( but I did spend some time outside giving my bike a bath, and it was lovely. I rode to work today bare-legged for the first time this year, although yes, it’s going to cool down later in the week.
    That will give me time to find my skirt garter, as I’ve been relying on opaque tights for months.

  3. Rebecca Olds says:

    Lovely! Gives me hope spring may reach us here in London. It was freezing but we did go out yesterday – http://the5milecyclist.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/mice-log-what-am-i-doing-getting-up.html (My friend M’s blog.)

  4. E A says:

    Great photos of you with your hair blowing in the breeze! We’re overdue for a springtime ride! ;-)

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