Nashville B-cycle ride + program update

Last week, I rode a B-cycle downtown for the first time. I know, kinda crazy that this is the first real ride I’ve taken on a B-cycle after being a member for three months. But it won’t be my last. If it has to be said, I’ve gone from cautious optimism about this system to a full-fledged supporter.


view from a B-cycle on 21st Ave. S.

I had biked to work on my own bike that morning, and if I took a B-cycle downtown the lack of stations in my neighborhood meant I would have to take the bus home, but I decided to go for it. Biking downtown and then taking a bus home (or vice-versa) is kind of my jam these days anyway. Plus, Kermit Allegra doesn’t mind spending the night in my office and I don’t mind walking to work in the morning when the weather is decent. Win-win.

The Hillsboro Village B-cycle station was pretty full, and only one of the bikes had a flat tire.

flat tire

Just like bathroom stalls, inspect your B-cycle carefully before use.

I picked a bike that looked OK, adjusted the seat, checked the brakes, threw my snacks in the basket and was off to the Walk/Bike Nashville annual meeting.


It was a really windy, gusty afternoon, but the sun was out and the ride was otherwise uneventful, even though it was right at 5 pm. The bikes are solid, but not too heavy, and once I got used to the way the front basket affected the steering, I didn’t have any trouble at all.


When I got downtown, returning the bike was a breeze.


Here’s how I knew I’d done it right.


My selection of a mode of transport was quite apt because a Nashville B-cycle coordinator spoke at the meeting, and he divulged several intriguing tidbits about the way the program was going so far.

Since its launch in mid-December, Nashville’s B-cycle program has recruited more than 200 annual members and has had more than 2000 24-hour rentals. We have the longest check-out time for bikes in the country—more than 45 minutes on average—perhaps because the most popular station in town is the one at Centennial Park. (The second most popular is the one that I used on 21st and Wedgewood.) We also had the most annual membership signups at a launch event ever, though, which I thought was pretty cool. Oh—and bike share memberships are reciprocal. So if you are a B-cycle member in Nashville, you can rent B-cycles in every city that has a B-cycle program. This is an especially great deal because Nashville’s B-cycle program is the cheapest in the country (yeah!).

Though the system still needs more stations and bikes to be a transportation cyclist’s dream date, I have really been impressed with the launch and implementation so far. Anyone else ridden a B-cycle in Nashville or elsewhere?

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11 thoughts on “Nashville B-cycle ride + program update

  1. Lauren Taylor says:

    I haven’t had a chance to ride the Bcycles yet (other than when we tested them out that one morning after brunch!) but I am thinking about it once my office moves to it’s new location on Church st – there are a couple stations nearby, and I can ride the cycle to the farmer’s market or around downtown, take the bus home, whatev. So excited!

  2. Sarah W. says:

    I’ve ridden the B cycles a couple of times on lunch breaks when the weather was nice, and I expect to ride more frequently when it warms up. There’s a station right next to my work (the Frist Center station)! On March 8 a coworker and I rode the bikes to the downtown B Cycle event. There were tons of people. I also see people riding them pretty often.

    When you return the bikes, I recommend really slamming them in hard. I returned one and the light didn’t flash to let me know it was returned. I emailed the B cycle people and it appeared that they fixed this for me. I paid a little bit for the extra time, though.

    I’m impressed with the success of Nashville’s program!

  3. meligrosa says:

    nashville, cant wait to visit!
    (do i keep repeating myself)
    … ;))) xxo

  4. Walter says:

    The Nashville B-Cycle is $50 per year, but the Broward County, Florida BCycle is only $45 per year, so while a great program Nashville’s is not the cheapest! My local (Fort Worth) is a whopping $80!

  5. Walter says:

    The Nashville B-Cycle is $50 per year, but the Broward County, Florida BCycle is only $45 per year, so while a great program Nashville’s is not the cheapest! My local (Fort Worth) is a whopping $80!

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