Valentine’s Day Ride

Public service announcement: Make sure your belt is fully secured before you start biking. Mine (a loop through style, worn on pants without belt loops) fell off halfway to work this morning and started clanking against the frame. Luckily it caught on the rear rack rather than in the spokes, but I had to pause and put it in my purse.


Other than that, it was a beautiful morning for a bike commute here in Nashville. About 40 degrees, with sunshine and blue skies. I took it slow and had a sip of coffee every so often, just because I could.


I can tell I’m a little out of condition after biking infrequently for the past few weeks, but in some ways it’s fun to have my commute be a little bit of a challenge for a change.

I was even happier that I had biked to work when I got to the office and found someone had brought us some Valentine’s Day treats!


Hope there’s some glorious weather in the forecast for the rest of you, too—especially poor New England. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Ride

  1. anniebikes says:

    Oooo….pastries all the way from Provence! (wink).

  2. Dottie says:

    Love the Provence GIF – yummy! Glad you were able to catch your belt. Your coffee sipping makes me want to re-attach my handlebar cup holder, but I would never be able to keep coffee from splashing on my light-colored jeans. #skills

  3. ridonrides says:

    yum. food GIFs! i’m jealous that it’s flat-wearing weather.

  4. Rockin’ the Knog! I just got one in pink :-)

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