Snow, Sun and Sleet

The past three days have been warmer than earlier this week, but presented challenges related to precipitation, rather than temperature.

Snow fell heavily on Friday morning and I took the L train to work.  I never bike when the streets look like this:


One day later, the skies were clear and blue…


…and the snow was reduced to mucky slush on the side of the road.



My friend Janet and I were able to ride our matching Omas to ballet burn class with no problem.  (Except for ballet-burn-related soreness!)


Sleet and freezing rain have been falling all day Sunday, which I took as a sign to stay inside and read Wide Sargasso Sea (and hate  Mr. Rochester so much).  The world outside my window looks pretty nasty, so I’ll probably be on the L train again Monday.

This mix of snow, sun and sleet reminds me that the best way to get through winter is to be flexible and not put pressure on myself to bike all the time.


When I feel comfortable biking, I enjoy it so much more.

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11 thoughts on “Snow, Sun and Sleet

  1. Madeline says:

    I needed to read this! I was sitting on my couch here in New york pressuring myself to ride tomorrow — on snow and freezing rain. Not anymore.

    • Dottie says:

      Yup, I’m all about enjoying bicycling. Sometimes it’s good to push yourself, but snow and freezing rain? No thank you.

  2. anniebikes says:

    Here, here! Everyone has different tolerances for foul weather riding. No need to feel obligated to ride if you’re uncomfortable with conditions.

  3. Oldbikerider says:

    Happen to be in Houston where the biking weather has been fantastic
    – mid to high 70’s. Friday night was the Monthly Critical Mass Ride, and seriously, there must have been a thousand riders. Temp dipped into the low 60’s – no sleet, ice or snow – Cheers!

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  5. Casey says:

    took the bus (MKE) for the first part of the week but only because I was a bit under the weather….I think the more we ride in the above conditions the more comfortable we become….with that being said it feels like 2 years since we’ve had a winter up here. I prefer the snow to the spring 40 degree rains…I’m no soldier either…if its crappy out…I’m on MCTS :)

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